No Hope for new accommodation

Controversy as student flats plan approved for ‘greatest street in the UK’.

Hope Street Maghull Developments university of liverpool

Plans approved this week for the construction of ten-storey student flats on Hope Street have caused outrage among residents.

More than 350 students from Liverpool unis will live in the ‘student castle’, which will be made up of apartments and studio flats.

A vision of the flats to open in 2014

The flats will be opposite the historic Philharmonic Dining Rooms, in which The Tab team have been known to hold their meetings…

However, the patrons of Hope Street are less than happy to hear about the planned influx of 350 students into the Georgian Quarter.

Many have expressed their concerns online. One commenter said: “Let’s be proactive. Stop the building going ahead! Why should we have to move because of this?”

The halls will be a convenient location for freshers, with lectures a five-minute walk away and Baa Bar practically next door.

Maghull Developments, the contractors, have promised to “complement the surrounding buildings and respect the ambience and heritage of one of Liverpool’s most historic streets”.

A view of Hope Street

Some locals do not consider a student population to be in keeping with the current clientele of the street.

One said: “Regrettably, this imbalance can have a deleterious effect on the environment in terms of noise at night, which is already the focus of considerable unease, and with respect to littering, broken glass and other forms of nuisance. To add several hundred more residents, many of whom will almost certainly have similar lifestyles will further detract from the quality of life in this location.”

With the plans having been approved, it seems that the patrons of Hope Street will have to get over their reservations and embrace the money, investment and diversity that students bring to the city.

Quel dommage…

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