Neo-nazi website targets Liverpool students

Aryan Unity website calls Liverpool students ‘traitors’ and reveals their addresses and phone numbers

nationalist students university of liverpool

An extreme right-wing website is publishing names, pictures and contact details of  Liverpool students.

Several students, including last year’s Guild President, Maev McDaid, are identified on, a white power site which carries the slogan “Remember places, traitors’ faces, they’ll all pay for their crimes”.

A feature entitled “Redwatch” displays photos, phone numbers, addresses and Facebook screenshots of anti-fascist demonstrators and even  passers-by.

Fearing for their safety, many of these targets have been forced to remove or alter their online presence in response to cyber attacks by supporters of Aryan Unity.

The Tab has chosen not to name others targeted by the website, but one student identified agreed to comment:

“I can’t believe that these people are allowed to get away with putting my name and photo online to be seen by anyone, especially by the people who use the site” said the female second year student.

“I’m scared to be recognised by these psychos if I’m out in town, doing shopping or anything.”

“I don’t get why the police or someone hasn’t closed the site down.”

A screenshot of Redwatch publishing photos of former Guild president Maev McDaid

The White Nationalist supporters of the page use several URLs to resist attempts by the authorities to take their pages down.

The website has a history of being used to carry out acts of violence and intimidation against opponents of White Nationalist and British National Party demonstrations.

Aryan Unity lists its main goal as being: ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children’.

The site is owned by Simon Sheppard, a right-wing activist from Hull who has been imprisoned three times and is banned from using the internet.

Race hate…Simon Sheppard has been imprisoned three times

The University of Liverpool came under fire last year when a speech by the BNP mayoral candidate was cancelled after clashes between anti-fascist protestors and Nationalist supporters.