Clubbers of the week: Feeling just fine in week nine

*Insert mental image of me Googling who Chef Dave is*

We’re nine weeks into this series – so close to the double digits. It’s sort of like watching a baby grow up, except my baby is a whole body of students who go absolutely mental for colourful concoctions and aren’t afraid to lick peoples’ arms. So actually, not that different from any baby. We have a ~new segment~ this week called ‘Besties of the week’. See if you can spot you and your BFF in this category.

Album Cover of the week

If Chef Dave needed an album cover, out Lincoln photographer would always get the perfect shot

Runners up

It’s like Rolling in the Deep meets club anthems

Chaotic vibes always make good cover art

Besties of the week

The love between these besties is unrivalled

Runners up

The kind of joy that you’d only want to share with your best mate

Best friends will wear the party hats you give out to the club regardless of whether it matches their outfit or not

Creeper of the week

This isn’t your standard creeper, we love to see you strike a pose

Runners up

A very subtle creeper indeed

The bouncers once again making for excellent creepers, may they continue this duty for many years

Dancing Queen of the week

You know you’ve got moves when the phones come out

Runners up

The tunes that get both your arms in the air are the ones that stick with you

This girl is dancing like no one’s watching, we love the confidence

Hero of the week

Because two drinks at once absolutely qualifies as hero behaviour

Runners up

When would there be a better time to flex?

Pub golf never gets old

Squad of the week

Squad representing the England squad, I can hear the echoes of ‘it’s coming home’ through the photo

Runners up

A chiller squad has never been seen

Thank you for pulling through with this belter of a pose and those funky glasses

Stunner of the week

I would be as excited as the girl in purple if I made it as stunner of the week too

Runners up

Stunning smiles all round

You’re both giving angel face energy

Unhappy Clubber of the week

Sometimes we forget that photographers use flash in dark rooms

Runners up

It’s easy to run out of poses when you’re on a night out

A very polite ‘absolutely fucking not’

WTF of the week

Tesco could annihilate any team

Runners up

Maybe he is the coolest guy he knows?

The salty taste of club-sweat soaked skin is perhaps a delicacy

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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