Chaotic carnival to drag extravaganza: We rated every night out of Lincoln Freshers’ Week

And yes we saw you all scramble for the ducks…

Freshers’ Week symbolises freedom for younger people to explore themselves and the beautiful city of Lincoln, and one might also argue that maybe it’s best we explored that walking in a straight line. This first week of life at university is blessed by the term ‘Freshers’ week’. Here we see first year students settle into their flats, their course and this one lovely bloke settling Smirnoffs into his underwear.

As Lincoln’s seven day bender comes to a close, we reminisce about this past week which most will not have remembered thanks to the lovely new intro of cheap VK. We went to each of the biggest 2022 Freshers’ Week events trying everything from the infamous Freshers’ Bongo’s Bingo to the slightly more PG Welcome Carnival. This year there was truly something for everybody and Lincoln’s first week of first-year mayhem did not disappoint. Though it is only fair to give each event the attention it deserves, so this is the ultimate breakdown of how each event went (rated on a scale of one to I’m still going to be talking about this night in third year).

The Freshers Welcome Carnival

Starting off strong with the Welcome Carnival that honestly looked incredible from the outside, drawing in all the first-years with dazzling lights, people on stilts and of course endless Dizzee Rascal remixes. The fresher eight pints down queuing for the huge thrill rides outside also made this one a night to remember – not for the people below. From brightly coloured fairground rides to a carnival themed indoor club playing all our favourite music, this event was destined to draw the crowd it had. Setting a precedent for the upcoming days saw the Welcome Carnival as something to remember if you can. Maybe that was me queuing for the thrill ride?

Rating: 9/10 for the carnival wheels and chaotic rides

The Freshers Foam Party

The next evening was the Freshers’ Foam Party so if your idea for a night out was to end up walking home looking like a swamp monster, then this night was the one for you. Flatmates all gathered to witness the display of a night long club set, brilliant drinks and plenty of foam rivalling even the Brayford itself. With a masterclass of wet, messy hair and good times, this event saw all aspiring shower-goers satisfied.

Overall Rating: 7/10  for the drenched jeans and foamy pints.

Quack! Beach Party

The one we’ve all been waiting for. The Magnum Opus, the wait is over, that first bite into that Greggs steak bake, the Official Quack! Beach Party. With slightly questionable beach themed attire, possibly more Blackpool than California, there was still an array of smashing beach dressers, smashing drinks and smashing music. Just try to dodge the beachballs when someone smacks one into your pint. The event seemed to bring in not only freshers but older years too, stealing rubber ducks off people never seemed so normal (making me believe it was definitely more Blackpool). As the night came to a close clubbers got a harsh reminder that maybe flip flops weren’t the right choice, but we all know it was definitely worth it.

Overall Rating: 10/10 especially for the rubber duckies and the first years fighting to snag one.

The Drag Ball Extravaganza

If that didn’t tickle your fancy there was a mirage of other events, most notably the Drag Ball “Extravaganza” and I was delighted to see that this really was an “Extravaganza” to remember. An extremely fun atmosphere paired with a lot of hairspray and cheap drinks. It was a great insight into drag culture and how welcoming everyone was to it here in Lincoln. Definitely one to look back on!

Rating: 9/10 for the remixes of UK Hun and fabulous line-ups.

The Alternative Freshers Party

For the brooding teens out there this was the most important night of all: the Black Parade Alternative Freshers Party. This was definitely alternative for all the right reasons, showcasing the best outfits so far (sorry Kilo Vintage Fair). The vibes were gothic and the times were to be remembered even if I forgot my eyeliner at Boots. Nevertheless the array of drinks and the music blasting 00’s emo anthems ended the Friday night with a My Chemical Romance shaped bang. This Freshers’ event was definitely one to not look back in anger (is Oasis alternative?).

Rating: 7/10 for the drum solos and black eyeliner.

Bongos’s Bingo

Mecca Bingo may have to adapt to the market as this event seemed oddly too familiar. Far from your Grandma’s Benidorm bingo, the Freshers Bongo’s Bingo saw somersaults, fabulous costume designs and the occasional “did that man just hump the stage?” The best prize of all being the Jeremy Kyle cut-out.

Rating: 8 /10 for the double ended dildos and sultry stage outfits.

Honourable mentions

It is only fair to mention the Big Freshers Quiz and the Silent Disco for giving a more varied choice of events to this huge week-long lineup. Yes we all love the hangovers and the bedroom that smells like a brewery, but for the more sophisticated freshers, these were definitely worth the wait. The Big Freshers’ Quiz being a great way to connect with flatmates even if you invited that one guy to write who can’t even spell university. The only problem I had with the silent disco was how to gesture to go back to the bar which should tell you how exciting this event truly was. And lastly the Vintage Kilo Fair bringing affordable clothing to a week which must of hurt all of our bank accounts for all the good reasons.

Rating for the Big Freshers Quiz: 6/10 for the questionable team names and beer stained quiz sheets

Rating for the Silent Disco: 8/10 for the unable to shazam anything and sunglasses indoors

Rating for the Kilo Fair: 9/10 for the vintage musk and surplus’ of Hawaiian shirts 

Enjoy your 9am Uni of Lincoln freshers. And yes Isaac Newton was born here, get ready to hear that alot.

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