A round up of the best dissertation pics of 2022

Here’s how you guys posed with the project that caused months of tears

Ah, dissertations. The dreaded part of every third year’s uni experience. Whether you were a supervisor spammer or a library crammer, you all felt the pressure of the diss.

Months (and for some weeks…)have been spent creating this mammoth project, that by the end it feels like it has taken a chunk of your soul, and ultimately becomes your child. And like any proud parent, it is vital to pose with said child in style, taking it on a photoshoot tour around the scenic parts of Lincoln.

So, here are a round up of the best pics from the class of 2022.

If you haven’t taken your pics yet, these guys are iconic, take inspo!

Molly, Politics and Social Policy

A Lincoln classic with Cathy looking lovely in the background, how could you go wrong?

Bonus points are awarded here for the action shot.

Impressive height on that jump.

Abbie, English Literature and Creative Writing

Couples who diss together stay together?

These two are seriously adorable though.

Holly, Journalism

The facial expressions in this are everything.

I think everyone is just as shocked that we managed to get through it.

Kiyan, Pharmaceutical Science

A very wholesome group pic.

Besides, the diss was a group effort, so who better to pose with?

Lets not pretend there wasn’t any group breakdowns…

Liam, International Relations and Politics

It’s clear location has had some serious thought here, so congrats for still having logical thoughts after the hand in.

The diss is simply a side character in this pic, the backdrop is the main event.

Zoe, History

Lincs looking beautiful yet again.

You managed to get a pic when its not raining??? Incredible effort.

Even the Brayford looks sparkly? Did you photoshop the brown sludge out? Be honest…

Em, Criminology

The hair, the outfit, the nails. Stunning.

A touch of glamour after the months of messy buns, yoga pants and comfort hoodies.

You all look iconic, First-class award for effort here.

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