10 things to do in Lincoln this cosy season

Just in case you actually want to brave the cold

This year’s cosy season is well underway, and going as quickly as it arrived. Are you looking for things to do while university work calms down for Christmas? Or are you wanting to enjoy the season and the location together at the same time before returning home for Christmas? Maybe, you are not returning home for Christmas at all, and want to make the most of our beautiful city. Whatever your reason, here are ten things to do in Lincoln during the cosy season.

Experience an evening at Thor’s

Of course, this goes without saying. Are you really a University of Lincoln student if you are yet to go to Thor’s? This cosy and temporary instalment on the High Street has everything you need: warmth, drinks, fairy lights and an aesthetic photo opportunity with its large letters spelling ‘LINCOLN’ outside.

Bar crawl down Steep Hill

Want to experience the winter chill followed by a warming up – repeatedly? A bar crawl will give you the chance to enjoy a winter walk with friends followed by lots of cosy booths and well-needed drinks. Why not work up a thirst by trekking to the top of Steep Hill? Start at Lion and Snake, and work your way down to the Curiosity Shop.

From there, it’s only a short walk to a personal favourite of mine: The Cardinal’s Hat, where optimum cosiness will be found. Further down the hill, The Mailbox is waiting to introduce you to the perfect evening drinks vibes, and then down in the Cornhill Quarter, you can end your night at Cosy Club and The Botanist.

Everyman Cinema

While on the topic of the Cornhill Quarter, we recommend that you visit the new Everyman Cinema. Sit back and relax on a sofa to watch your movie, and enjoy being nice and warm. Just don’t be tempted to fall asleep!

Board Games at the Swan

Sometimes the best places to go are right under your nose – as is the Swan. This small little Students’ Union bar screams cosy all year round. The added bonus of all their board games on offer is an extra incentive to give it a go.

Christmas shopping at the independent shops

There is honestly no better way to be environmentally friendly and supportive and thoughtful with your gifts this year than to shop the local and independent shops in the city. Steep Hill is home to many of these such as Goodies for traditional sweets, the Pot Shop for handmade ceramics, and Ego for adorable vintage and new clothes. You could also pop into Chocolaterie for some treat-related stocking fillers; not to mention The Arbour if you are looking for flowers.

An evening walk upon the West Common

What’s not to love about something that is free and involves horses? Take a stroll around the West Common with a friend or loved one at sunset. To make this even cosier, grab a takeaway hot chocolate from a coffee shop on the way!

The Horse and Groom pub meal

Nothing quite beats a good old pub meal, and those found at The Horse and Groom pub are exceptional and in the cosiest of settings. This would be the perfect thing to do after your stroll around the West Common working up an appetite.

Coffee shop with books

Check out Bookstop Café midway up Steep Hill for a cosy atmosphere perusing books with a warm drink. This is an absolute must for any book lover!

Paint your very own pottery

Take yourself and your pals on a trip to St. Marks to discover the wholesomeness of The Little Pottery Studio where you can paint your own pottery and take it home. Afterwards, spice up the fun with a competition for the best design and execution. Feel free to send us photos of your creations once done.

Who said you have to leave the house?

Bring out your duvets, find all of your blankets, make a new bed out of cushions… and that’s it! A cosy night in with your flatmates, followed by opening presents if any of you are lucky enough to receive some. 

If you or your friends embark upon any of these cosy-themed activities, don’t hesitate to send us your photos. With these 10 ideas, no one can complain about being bored or too cold this Christmas.

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