Clubbers of the week: Making friends in week ten

Because some of you got really friendly this week

This has been a week of festive fun, with plenty of wintery themed nights for us all to attend. Christmas parties have been enjoyed (RIP to all of the Christmas parties now cancelled due to Boris’ Plan B) and naturally that means we have some very good photos for this week – we thank you now for your funny drunken antics.

Creeper of the week

This guy defied gravity just so he could appear in this photo

Runners up

Dude just wanted to walk by these people in peace, v polite smile

Idk why you hunched to get into the photo but I like the level of creeping you dedicated yourself to

Hero of the week

His mates know he’s hero, and now we do too

Runners up

This guy is feeling this song so much it actually gives me fomo – this is definitely a superhero power

All heros believe in spreading peace

Heroine of the week

All heroines have BDE

Runners up

Again, peace and love people

A fierce squad that could face off any Marvel bad guy

Third wheel of the week

When your mature student flatmate turns into your university dad and comes on all your first dates

Runners up

When you drag your flatmates out who have 9 am’s tomorrow

Wtf of the week

My face after I shot tequila

Runners up

Ngl I thought that stein was levitating for a good minute

When your mate starts pulling out those dance moves

Stunner of the week

These girls are wearing their paper hats and rightly so, stunners of the week deserve these crowns!

Runners up

Big smiles from these stunners

The prettiest trio

Album of the week

The holiday album you didn’t know you needed

Runners up

The glowstick represents the way music passes through us all

The vibes of this album cover are immaculate

Shark of the week

Peak romance

Runners up

When the camera catches you, so you try to catch the camera in return

Squad of the week

A duo is still a squad, and this squad believe in synchronicity

Runners up

Staring at this photo for too long reminds me of Where’s Wally

You have Santa in your squad – of course, we had to add you

Unhappy clubber of the week

He thought he’d won Boozy Bingo

Runners up

Girl on the right either really wanted to get a photo or really didn’t want to be there

Idk who you’re angry at, but I hope you resolved it over a stein

Best of the rest

I love that you’re all tipsy enough to be leaning ever so slightly to your left

I am loving your Christmas accessories

Image credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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