Lincoln students share with us their biggest dating ‘icks’

From boys in jean shorts to eating quavers, students are picky

The dating scene isn’t for everybody, especially those with a list of things that automatically turn them off the person they are talking to. Familiarly known as an ‘ick’. The person you are talking to or dating can do this one thing, making you rethink the whole relationship.

Despite some icks being fair, many of us have found amusement in the random and specific icks that people have, from eating quavers to wearing a dressing gown; no matter how minuscule the detail is, it could be enough for you to get ghosted.

We asked students of Lincoln what their biggest icks are on our Instagram story, from really picky to fairly reasonable:

Eating Quavers

Clearly, this cheesy crisp choice isn’t for everyone, and that’s fair enough. Maybe try a tube of Pringles or a pack of Walkers ready salted to win this student over.

Comparing me to their ex

I think we can all agree when we say this isn’t on. Who would want that? They’re an ex for a reason, surely you wouldn’t want to go back there. If you find yourself in this predicament, get yourself out of there.

Licking yoghurt off the yoghurt lid

Disgusting. Get in the bin, along with the yoghurt lid where it belongs. Just picture it, you take the lid of your Muller’s Corner yoghurt and they lick the lid clean off, leaving themselves with corners of yoghurt on their mouth. No thanks.

Dressing gowns

We did a poll on this because it was incredibly niche and some people actually agree. Out of the 256 students who voted, 72 voted that a dressing gown makes them cringe. However, 184 students voted that it’s dressing gowns all the way for them.

Maybe just wear a jumper to be safe around this student.

Shouting to someone on the street and getting ignored

If the second-hand embarrassment you can feel from that isn’t enough to make you want to pack your bags and run a mile, you’re a keeper.

When their bath towels smell musty and are slightly damp


When boys take photos at the pub with each other

Well, you heard it here first, no pictures with the boys allowed.


The moment they start to explain the economy or cryptocurrency to you, run.

People in the shared kitchen barefoot

Get some slippers! Walking around barefoot in a uni halls kitchen is leaving you exposed to anything. But hey, if you do this you don’t need to worry about what’s in the Covid vaccine.

Ketchup and gravy

This is a crime against humanity. These two delicacies should never go together and should never touch. If you do this, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and re-evaluate your life choices.

Being Southern

Nothing wrong with being a Southerner, unless you say “rah where’s my baccy” unironically.

If she gets lower than hot at Nando’s

Watch out ladies, you need to burn your tastebuds to be worthy for this student. Sometimes Lemon and Herb just won’t cut it and you need to go up the spice-ometer to not get binned.

Set your mouth on fire and you’ve got yourself a match.

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