The ultimate bucket list for a Uni of Lincoln student

Why do we all have that sunset picture?

The University of Lincoln, and I suppose BGU is home to all, however, in order to be classed as a true Lincoln Uni student there is an unspoken bucket list which you must complete before you earn the title. From the swans being the highlight of your day to the treacherous journey that is going up Steep Hill. If you want to call yourself a true Lincoln uni student, then here are the top things you must check off.

The Cathedral

Lincoln’s Cathedral, in all its beauty. However, to earn this point you must’ve also been inside, seen the Imp and the beautiful stained glass windows this building has to offer. Built in 1072, this building has seen its fair share of Lincoln students from masses to graduations (many more to come, RIP to the admin team) to day trips, this building is a mainstay in university life.

No description available.

Very pretty, framed perfectly to cut the scaffolding off

The Brayford geese

The geese. If you aren’t familiar with this family of birds living along the Brayford then where have you been? The trick is to leave them be as these Canadian geese like their own space, I can see them taking over Minerva by 2025 so I wouldn’t cross them. And of course, there’s always the one with the broken wing. Crusty, as I call him, is the friendliest of the lot and doesn’t in fact live on a diet of freshers and will in fact not kill you. If you’ve seen this bunch then take a point, very cultured.

The true Lincoln local

The Swans

You cannot put these in the same category as the geese as the swans are arguably the cutest, even if they do hiss at you from time to time. Every year they have cygnets and they’re always adorable and can be seen wobbling behind their parents, (if you live in Cygnet Wharf you get a point). True Lincoln locals and students feel quite protective over these new born cuties and they may even go out of their way to feed them. Double points for this one, as they’re just mad cute.

The babies!

The barrier run

Picture this, you’re on the high street next to 179 (yeah that’s been built now) and the red lights at the train crossing begin to flash and the siren sounds. What do you do? If you run for it (whilst the barriers are still up, don’t be dumb) then you get a point. This is again Lincoln culture, we share our city with annoying trains which every 5 minutes disrupt life. And minus a point if you go up the stairs, it may be healthy but isn’t very Lincoln-like. Especially if you’re a student.

No description available.

Is that a train coming? Probably

The Arts Bridge

If you haven’t complained about this bridge are you really studying at the University of Lincoln? For some reason it’s just not well liked, its avoided and you know what I get it. I wouldn’t dare walking over it by choice. Because of this, many students dislike it and it has become arguably the worst part of campus.

Quack duck owner

You can’t be a true Lincoln student if you haven’t got a Quack duck. Sorry, but those are the rules. I know this would’ve wiped out a lot of people as they are quite hard to obtain unless you’re a rugby lad who always manage to get them. I can’t offer any advice, perhaps include them in your prayers and the Quack duck may come your way. Double points if you have the Halloween one. I’m not bitter, I swear.


Insulted other accommodations

The accommodation you like at will always be argued to be terrible, Lincoln students love to compare Courts to Pavs or argue whether Cygnet Wharf is really that good. It’s a way of life here, it’s a conversation starter and will never not be mentioned. You will find yourself arguing whether Dansegate is too far from campus or the perfect spot for night out goers.

Been blown away by the wind

Good luck if you’re on that flyover bridge, good luck. The wind in Lincoln is nothing new, I think you evolve to eventually ignore it, however, the flyover bridge is always windy. You are a true Lincoln student if you’ve braved this bridge in the wind and considered whether you may be blown away. I’ve heard of bags and AirPods being lost to that wind on the bridge, be careful.

No description available.

You can’t see the wind (obviously) but it is there

The Red Arrows

People come from all over the world to see this team but at Lincoln this is their home too. They’ll regularly be seen flying over the city sometimes practising coloured displays. You can have a point if you’ve seen these and another one if the novelty of seeing them so often hasn’t worn off yet.

One red arrow is better than none

The West Common

This walk is a staple of university life. The West Common is found at the end of the West End area and is a large pasture land for horses and a green space for the locals and students of Lincoln. With many, many horses on there it is advised as not the best location for a picnic as they do love a good afternoon snack. For the summer months, this is the place to be.

Some common residents of the common (see what I did there)

The Arboretum

Similar to the West Common, this is another go-to place for students in the summer. A perfect place to catch the sun and enjoy a picnic with friends (without horses) you’re a true Lincoln student if you’ve enjoyed at least half a day here basking in the rays.

Its even got a water feature, lovely!

Christmas market

This sadly cannot apply to freshers due to COVID-19 cancelling everything fun in existence. But of course, the annual Lincoln Christmas Market is a go-to event. With thousands upon thousands of tourists, this market is a special one and often includes small business stalls to giant Ferris wheels. A Lincoln uni student will always be found here as this event never gets old.

This photo

Well well well. If this doesn’t scream, “I am a Lincoln student,” I don’t know what will. Go on, search your camera roll I bet a photo like this is there. And why shouldn’t it be? The sunset on some nights sits perfectly against the Brayford’s water and provides the ultimate Instagrammable pic. Double points if its a pink sunset.

Breathtaking but basic

Chuck Mango/Pablo/Bob

Argue his name amongst yourselves, I could be here all day listing the amount of names this one bird had. Sadly, this friendly campus face has passed away but he will live on in our hearts. So, freshers, you cannot relate to this one. If you’ve ever stumbled upon this peculiar creature you’ll know he loved to sit near the swan. Double points if you call him a name we haven’t heard of.

No description available.

RIP you true beauty

Steep Hill

You’ve got to climb this hill in order to collect your title of a true Lincoln student, sorry we do not make the rules. You’ve also got to go up here to get your actual degree so enjoy that too. This hill is complained about, hated and abused but it is the only way up to the Cathedral. If you haven’t found yourself halfway up it, are you truly studying at the University of Lincoln?

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