A breakdown of every type of person you will meet when QUACK reopens on June 23rd

Who are you on the list?

The date has been set, the call has been given and the much beloved Quack is returning on the 23rd of June and we’re all here for it. Lincoln SU is holding two Quack events, one on the 23rd and an alumni Quack for the 2020 graduates on the 25th. Tickets are on sale now and it is fair to say we cannot wait. The night out is a staple of every Lincoln student’s university life, where Thursday morning lectures are written off and all lecturers sigh to themselves knowing exactly why.

The reopening of Lincoln’s classic duck themed night out brings the classic types of students you are bound to see (or not see if you’re behind a rugby lad). So, grab a VK and find out where you fit in on the list of types of people you’ll find at Quack.

The Duck Lovers

They’re here for one reason and one reason only, the Quack ducks. These tend to be freshers clasping their hands into the air in the hopes of catching one. You’ll have done it all, got to the front of the crowd, begged the staff, and maybe even shared an insta post to try and win one.

Someone, please give these people what they want, make more ducks (spend that 9 grand on something useful). If this is you, I respect you, I think you’re doing what you love. Hope you catch one soon.

My prized possession

The pub golf g0ers

Be wary. If you don’t know who these people are I’ll quickly explain. Pub golf is a themed night out where you have a ticket and you buy several drinks from different locations in order to gain points. Quack is probably their last location hence why they’re so out of it. They’ll be fully equipped with their golf visors & skorts (or what’s left of them) and are there for an all-round good night, and I don’t blame them.

There is something about pub golf that you have applaud, could never be me. But for now, have a VK on me.

The cup collectors

First of all, I do not judge you. I have made over £10 from collecting these cups in the past- they’re a side hustle and a half. However, you do have to be somewhat sober in order to do this, either you grab them from people’s pockets (I deffo haven’t done this) or you forage for them on the ground. Either way, you are an entrepreneur in the making and leave Quack with a sense of achievement which is more than what most people leave with.

The front barrier group

They have the best spot in the house and they will not move. You’re in bad luck if you want a Quack duck as these people have been at the front all night and have no intention of moving. These people end up being crushed so karma does eventually get them however, they’re more likely to get a duck and if it’s a themed night they have a better view. Am I bitter of these people? Maybe, will they move? No

These are the people I’m on about…

Top right hockey

This group of sports stars are dressed head to toe in a different theme each week and they always pull it off each time. They’ll usually be mentioned on the screen in the corners of Quack and they’ll probably scream when that happens, )we know you’re there there’s no need to shout x).

They’ve got their own corner what more can be said, they’ll be very drunk and proud of it. The award for best themed outfits almost always go to the top right hockey group. A for effort.

Top left rugby

Where to start. The tie? They’re tall and also have their own corner and will defend it to their last breath, and somehow always get a Quack duck which is unfair is you ask me. The rugby lads are always known to be at Quack, they practically live here, they’ve been without it for nearly a year so god knows how they’re going to act. They wear the same outfit every week with pride and live for a Wednesday night out.

via @thetablincoln_ on Instagram

The ones who are ALWAYS in the toilet

These people have my heart. If you’re in trouble, they’ll always be some friendly girls in the loos who don’t mind helping. They’ll probably be next to that mirror taking Instagram pics of their cute outfits. If you hear loud laughing or screaming in the toilets it will be these girls. They radiate positive energy and nothing less. Are you missing a hair grip? These girls have one. Do you need someone to unzip your dress so you can wee? These girls can do it. Are you avoiding a guy and want to escape? These girls will hide you. 10\10 very friendly.

See what I mean about the mirror?

The smoking area group

Some of the best people you’ll meet at Quack are those in the smoking area. They’re relaxed, cool, and generally having a good time. They’ll be on hand with a lighter at the go and will not mind lending it to the person who’s always asking for one (you know who you are). They’ll always be something going on here whether it be friendships being made or cigarettes being shared.

God bless whoever created smoking area blankets

The VK throwers

I don’t want to scare freshers. But these people are the worst. Now a banned offence, these types of people thrive off of being annoying. Occasionally you’ll see a VK being lobbed into the air, these people are to blame, maybe they like the risk? The security guards are watching these people like hawks eyeing up their prey and when they find one they will pounce. Kind of puts me off VKs.

The ones who ALWAYS follow the theme

These people are rare as it is rare to follow the theme of Quack. I’m not sure why this is so, but these people follow it. Somehow they’ll have a safari costume or a beach themed outfit in their closet and follow the brief. These people have all round good vibes and have the effort we all should have. But it may be slightly awkward stumbling into King Kebab at 2am.

You cannot fault this outfit, wow

So there it is, the people of Quack! We love you, we’ve missed you and we cannot wait to be reunited soon.

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