Take our quiz to see what your post-lockdown night out in Lincoln should look like

Alexa, how do I stop myself from crying in the club

Those friends you make in the toilets as you hold the door for your friend while they pee. Bottles of artificially coloured alcohol. It sounds like a fever dream, but I am here to remind you that these were very real events that were once a staple part of every student’s uni experience.

Earlier last week, Boris Johnson announced the eventual return to normality, marking June 21st as the earliest date clubs may reopen. With that in mind, I’m sure that many of you have spent the last few days refreshing the Instagram pages of clubs and festivals, awaiting ticket releases and line-ups. However, until June 21st arrives let’s go back to the fever dreams of before, with a little quiz we have conjured up to decide how your post lockdown night out should end up.

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