‘It felt like home’: Lincoln students and residents look back on Bierkeller Lincoln memories

I, for one, am devastated

Bierkeller Lincoln announced its closure on Facebook and we couldn’t be more gutted, I may have even shed a tear. Keller in Lincoln is one of the best places to go to when you say you want a quiet night in and then get roped into going out and you don’t regret it the day after. It really was the place to be. With their high tables and colourful steins; we know Keller and we love it.

But fear not, in their post, Bierkeller said: “We are currently looking for a new home and we will update you as soon as we have news.”

With news of its closure, the Tab asked Lincoln students and the locals what their favourite memories were. (Warning, sad content ahead).

‘It’s the place where me and my fiancé made our relationship official’

Julia, who went to The University of Lincoln from 2017-2o20, said she loved Keller and it was the place she enjoyed her birthday parties “in true German fashion.”

Julia who is from Germany said: “I specifically bought two dirndls from Germany just so I could wear them at Keller. I made my first friends at Keller, I owe it for making me feel at home in the UK. I even saw my most introverted friends come out and be social there, that never happens anywhere else.

“Keller was the only place where I felt really safe and dancing on the benches was just the best. I remember seeing locals there and I connected with them. So Keller was the reason why I have decided to stay in the UK and it was the place where me and my fiancé made our relationship official by announcing it to our friends.”

‘I don’t want to have to find a new favourite club’

Tilly said: “For me and my mates it was sort of a haven for when we were all stressed. If a few of us needed a night out we all took time out to go to Keller and dance on the tables to the best music. We tried different clubs but nothing quite reached the level of a Bierkeller banger.

“I felt the safest there, it was sort of the best club around and I don’t want to find a new favourite when the world opens up again.”

‘I hope they find a new home’

Former Lincoln student Oliver graduated in 2019 and says some of his fondest memories are at Keller. He remembers “just before Christmas when everyone has headed home for the holidays I went there.

“It was a quiet night and I didn’t have any plans when a friend of mine won a Christmas meal there via Facebook. It had good food and it was a fun night and they even brought out some Christmas crackers with paper crowns with bad jokes. Still one of my most treasured Keller memories, hopefully, they find a new home soon so that I can make even more!”

‘Bierkeller is something different’

Melody says she will miss Keller: “I have had several fabulous nights at Lincoln Bierkeller with my brothers, sisters and their partners. I am from a large family so it is a great way for us all to get together and let our hair down!

“We loved the atmosphere, the music playlist, the cocktails, the band and of course the dancing! Even the men who usually refuse point blank to dance can’t help but join in when we’re all up on the benches.

“We live about an hour away so we usually book a hotel and make a weekend of it, making sure we visit Huckleberrys at some point too! Bierkeller is something different from the norm, a refreshing change from the usual pubs and clubs. It would be a real shame for it to go.

I will always have brilliant memories of dancing on the tables’

Lincoln local Stacey says she is shocked to hear of Keller’s announcement and said: “Myself and friends have spent many hilarious nights there.

“It really stood out from other bars and pubs in Lincoln and I will always have brilliant memories of dancing on the tables and practically screaming along to the Oompah band’s music. I will never forget one particular work night out in the summer. We witnessed many spilt drinks on unsuspecting stranger’s heads which everybody seemed to laugh about at the time.

“Here’s to hoping that Bierkeller will find a new premises so they can continue providing people with lots of laughter and steins as big as your head.”

It’s got to be Halloween’

Masters student Alex says his favourite memory is: “the time when we went out near Halloween and we’re wearing no costume at all and somehow managed to grab bits off people to form a collage outfit of loads of random things.”

‘It will always be my favourite bar’

Masters student, Jack, said: “It played all our favourite music. It brought people together. I can’t narrow down a favourite time there, every memory there was great. In all other clubs, you are stood in the dark, whereas in Keller the lights were on and you were all together on the benches.

“The music wasn’t picky or pretentious, it was anthems. It will always be my favourite bar because of this. It truly brought people together, no one was strangers in there.”

It is safe to say we all will miss Keller, and hope you open your doors, wherever they may be. This Stein is on us.

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