Got Lincoln night out blues? Here are some of the last pics from before lockdown

Bittersweet to say the least

The classic Lincoln night out, an impossible night to ever predict. From awkwardly trying to walk down the Brayford in a straight line, trying to befriend the swans of the city to deciding whether the night should end at Scene or McDonalds, or both. Here’s what we miss about our Lincoln night outs, from club to club.


Union is just that, a place where everyone is together. Under the hazy smoke on the main floor, the DJ blasts classic night out tunes consecutively. Occasionally you’ll see those fire breathing women? Not really sure why they’re there but they add to the atmosphere. The atmosphere is what makes the night at Union, the taste of discounted VKs alongside the breath of fresh air once you’re in the smokers area. Yes, it is easy to lose people but that’s simply the fun. Controversially I’d recommend checking out the very bottom floor, the DJ tends to have less requests and once dedicated a song just to me and my friends- “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John if anyone’s asking… From floor to floor, we miss you Union!

I can still smell the smoke


What a pose


Not 2 meters apart but this was before lockdown, nothing to see here Boris


Where do I start? The benches? I won’t be the first or last to say you get on those benches at your own risk. For the average student entering Bierkeller it goes either one of two ways. The first: you’ve got one of those stupidly sized cocktails in your hand, making your way to the benches as it sloshes around, you realise soon that having that drink is like looking after a child- bad choice. The second: you’ve made it in, chosen a reasonably sized drink but this is probably because you went a bit too hard at pres, you make your way over to the benches and hop on only to hear the start of “Take me home, country roads” and by the end of this song you are firmly off the bench and somewhere in the depths below. We miss you, Keller.

Those shirts, no other caption needed really


We’re just as confused as you are


Oh to dance on those benches one more time


The longest ongoing student night out in the UK. It’s true! Bull to the average Lincoln student is the place to be on a Friday night. Atmosphere ranges from floor to floor and somewhere in between is the infamous Bull. Waiting to take a photo with you, he is the image of the whole night out and never fails to bring cheer and happiness to all those who meet him. The difference between each floor means every music lover will find their euphoria or something close. “You going to Bull tonight?” is the talk of every Friday afternoon lecture, as it should be.

What a lucky guy


It’s those deals on VKs, I’m telling you


The realisation that you’re not going to get to see the Bull for another three months

The Scene

The after-party. For me, and for many others, this is the epitome of the night out. Why you may ask? Because Scene beautifully brings the night out to a close, they open their doors physically but also personally to everyone who may wish to enter. Acceptance is what is felt here, it surges through the air and is rife in concentration. It’s where a lot of students feel at home and the reason is so evident. Under the array of purple-blue lights lies a community of individuals sharing one experience and it’s a good one too. The small dance floor has a big heart and sees many a friendship group dance the night away until the early hours of the morning (if you stay until 5 am you’re a true Scene goer).

Those are the lights I’m on about, a loving vibe all round


Some may need carrying home, its been a long night

The notorious Scene booths, for a cozy mid dance break


Overall, the clubs may provide the nights out in Lincoln but ultimately it is each other who make it. Whether you find yourself singing at the top of your vocal range to “Come on Eileen” at Keller or on your way to Maccies for that meal you’ve been craving all night, we miss our nights out and the people within them.