Story time: Students share their wildest nights out in Lincoln

We asked you to share some of your wildest Lincoln night out stories and you did not disappoint

Are you missing the good ol’ days, aka, going out every week in Lincoln?

Nothing to do but look back at old photos of you and your mates on nights out? The mirror selfies at Home, the random group photos with the Superbull at Moka, the blurred selfies in Keller as you wobble on the bench after underestimating the effect of a cocktail stein.

Have you had so much time in quarantine that you’ve started posting your old drunk videos on Tiktok? Or, do you miss the inexplicable objects sitting in your kitchen the next morning? A car tyre, a road sign, or the standard traffic cone.

To help with the night-out withdrawal symptoms, we found some of the best stories from Lincoln’s events. Let’s reminisce…

(We’re not laughing at you, but with you… I promise).

The Aitch night

“Before Aitch was performing, I had had a few too many and was suddenly desperate for a wee. I figured that I’d have enough time to go to the toilet before he came on stage, maybe missing the very start of his set in the worse case scenario. So I took myself off, but ended up being sat swaying and almost falling off the toilet for far longer than I initially anticipated. When I came out, I had missed his entire set.”

The parallel universe

“I was bursting for the toilet in Home. I was waiting in the bathroom queue by myself, for what felt like an eternity, until I was next in line. The cubicle door opens, a girl walks out, and I start to walk forward.  Then another girl walks out. And then another. And another. I waited for them all to pass. A total of six girls walked out of that one cubicle.”


“How did they all fit?”

The candy cane VK

“Had a tactical chunder at the Christmas Quack, and it was red. I thought I was sicking up blood. Panic overcame me. That was until I was reminded, I’d been drinking bright red candy cane VK all night.”

“Later that night,  someone was pouring blue VK into my mouth from a height. The blue stained my skin. I looked as healthy as I felt the next day.

The love notes

“We went to this emo night once, it was a rubbish event. The walk home, however, was far more eventful. We met an interesting trio – one dressed as a Mexican, another dressed as a wall, and another as Trump. We made friends with other randomers, too, and ended up walking back in a group over double the size we came out with. When we got back, we wanted to make even more friends, and naturally began to write notes to all of my friend’s flatmates.”

“We also made friends with the handful we accidentally woke up. I still have a photo of  one of the notes.”

The crossing

“The train crossing thing started to beep and my entire friendship group ran ahead to make it past before the things lowered. I was struggling to walk, let alone run, so obviously I missed it. I didn’t even know why everyone was running to begin with. I waved in embarrassment to my friends now laughing at me from the other side. I was also too drunk to climb to stairs of the bridge, so everyone had to then run back and literally pull me up each step. I don’t envy them.”

The date

“I went on a date with a guy I’d met once before on a Friday night – it was at the ever romantic SpoonsSafe to say, I got drunk. But this guy was really not my cup of tea, and I was bored. I feigned tiredness, and said that I was ready to go home. As soon as I was out of sight, I called my friends who were going to Bull and already preing, and arranged to meet them. Later that night, I bumped into him. I would have been really embarrassed, but fortunately I was slaughtered. Instead, I told him that I loved him and then proceeded to throw up in front of him. Kindly saving all the embarrassment for hungover me.”

The kebab shop

“There was one time where I got locked inside a kebab shop. Basically, I had used their toilet upstairs and the lock got jammed so I was stuck there. After some time, the guy came to check on me, opened the door and kicked me out before I could get the cheesy chips I’d paid for. Very embarrassing, and not exactly a great escape.”

The bull chase

“Me and my friends were at Superbull, and on a mission to find the Bull. We’d never seen him before, so we all agreed that this was our only goal for that night. Many shots later, we were absolutely slaughtered, and running up and down the stairs yelling for the Bull. We looked everywhere for ages and we still couldn’t find him. Then my friends went to the toilet and, obviously, this is when I see him. I tried shouting for my friends, but the girls in the toilets thought I was pushing in the queue. Drunk me really didn’t want to lose sight of the bull, so I yeeted myself across the dance floor and almost jumped on top of him. I photobombed the randomers Bull photo, and then also got a picture with the Bull alone.”

Make way, Superbull’s number one fan coming through

Some one-liners:

“I had a bottle throw at my head.”

“I was excited about this pizza and then dropped it in the Brayford. I cried.”

“I walked in on people kissing in the Quack photobooth.”

“I wanted to pet the swans then almost fell into the water.”

“I think mine is best not to be shared, it’s not quite… Tab appropriate.”


And finally,

“I’ve had too many. Not gonna lie, I can hardly recall them. That’s how I know they were good nights.”