What your choice of drink says about your personality

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a VK bottle…

Believe it or not, your choice of drink says allot about your personality. It's a challenging decision, we know, but have no fear, we are here as always, to soothe your troublesome state of mind. So sit back and relax and let us explain what drink suits your personality best.

The Tequila drinker – 'The Aggressive Pusher'

We have all at some point fallen victim to the Tequila drinker in our university experience.

The Tequila drinker is usually the only single person in the group; but, ironically they can never drink alone. The Tequila drinker forcefully encourages their friends to get absolutely 'Quacked' whilst also unleashing all their built up anger on a hopeless lime.

The Tequila drinker is a bit like marmite, you either love them or hate them. They may seem like aggressive creatures but ultimately, they secretly crave affection. They just want to be loved.

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What do you mean there's no lime or salt?!

The VK drinker – 'The Crowd Pleaser'

They are the prime example of what it means to be a light weight.

The VK drinker is usually the one that is constantly roasted on a group chat and therefore they feel the need to prove their worth by 'straw-peadoeing' their 4% alcoholic bevs within 5 seconds.

Due to the extreme consumption of sugar in the VKs, there have been many reports where VK drinkers lose control of their arms. This loss of control causes VK drinkers to throw bottles in mass crowds and dance like your dad at a wedding.

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VK bottles always comes in pairs

The Vodka drinker – 'The Loverable Rogue'

The Vodka drinker is a sociable creature, they will always swipe right no matter what.

When shown even the slightest bit of affection, the Vodka drinker will fall instantly in love. You don't even need to be human, they will search for love anywhere even from the Bull.

The Vodka drinker will constantly repeat how much they love you for buying them just one drink. They'll constantly get lost and will no doubt end the night in the smoking area having collected 10 random numbers.

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The Jägerbomb drinker – 'The Party Animal'

The Jägerbomb drinker is no stranger to a night out in Superbull, they are usually the last man standing as they are constantly buzzing off Red bull. They secretly are very smart but behave like complete idiots by getting down to Grease-lightning.

They're always begging you to join the Jäger train but you know the destination of the Jäger train always ends on the floor.

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All aboard the Jäger train

The Gin drinker – 'The Grandparent'

The Gin drinker is the adult of the group, they are normally the first ones on deck when a member needs first aid to be administrated. This normally entails pulling the Vodka drinker up from the floor and guiding them to the toilets safely.

The Gin drinker decides when it is appropriate to leave the club and is always the first person to remind the group the morning after about all the embarrassing stories from the night out.

The best thing about a Gin drinker is that they are usually the one to make you a hangover cure breakfast…

Now you know what personality goes with what drink, so choose wisely.