Why Lincoln should be everyone’s first choice

Have you SEEN our cathedral?

When you first start university it can be a very daunting and nerve wracking experience, but as soon as you settle into your flat and meet your new flatmates you feel like you’ve been there for longer than a month. Going to the University of Lincoln was the best choice I’ve ever made for many reasons, and many people may say there are much better places to be at university than Lincoln but I think this is the best place for me.

The Scenery

The view from the castle

The view from the castle

Lincoln is known for its amazing Cathedral and Steep Hill, which brings many tourists to visit and see the wonders that Lincoln has to behold. Now, I know its no Notre Damn but I do think that Lincoln Cathedral is a beautiful place and not many people can say that they go to a University that holds so much heritage in its city.

Every night is student night

Night life in Lincoln, some would say, isn’t the best compared to other universities. But for me all I need is a great group of people to go out with and a few drinks. Each night out in Lincoln is different, from Monday nights out in Lovedough to your cheesy nights out at Quack on a Wednesday. You can experience a different atmosphere on every night out, in every different club Lincoln has to offer.


The courses

Other than great nights out, my journalism course makes me feel like I made the best choice by choosing to come to  Lincoln to study to be a journalist. Obviously at times we all question whether we chose the right course and place to study, but I think that Lincoln offers a lot for me in terms of what type of journalist I want to be and that’s why I think I made the best choice choosing to come to Lincoln.


The people

When you move to a completely new place with new people and you’re living with strangers, this can be very scary and can make you homesick. Luckily for me I made the best choice coming to Lincoln, as everyone made you feel welcome and I have made some great friends at university some that I know will be life long friends. Whether they are on my course, or I have met them outside of my studies Lincoln has given me some great friends from many different places across the country.


I know that going to Lincoln University was the best choice I’ve ever made, as I’ve experienced everything you can at University. Meeting new people, making new friends, living in a beautiful scenic city and doing a course that I’ve always wanted to do with great opportunities and great people to work with.