Lincoln’s Battle of the Halls: The results

We’re almost as surprised as the people who live there

Last week, we asked you to vote for your favourite halls. We heard you, and here are the results.

In first place…


“It might be a shithole but its our shithole” – Molly Huxley, 19

celebrating already.

overwhelmed with joy at their win.


Pavilions aka Pavs

Losing the winning title by one vote, there’s always next year.


In third…

Brayford Quay

It’s got nandos, how can you compete?

Swans too.

Swans too.

Fourth place…


They tried their best.


Fifth place goes to…


Maybe they’re just not student enough.

Intimidatingly Posh

Intimidatingly Posh

And joint last is…

Aqua House and Hayes Wharf

absolutely fuming

absolutely fuming

“I’m speechless, I demand a re-vote” – Ellis Kerton, Hayes Wharf Resident.