Vote now: Lincoln’s battle of the halls

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The classic first year option and one of the cheapest.

The main lecture buildings are a minute away under the bridge, easy for you to roll out of bed and get to learning. Or not. Courts probably have the biggest house parties with only 4 flats or so in each building a whole building can be used as party space. Also the walls are dead thick meaning you’re not usually disturbed by other people’s noise and can be noisy yourself.

However, it holds close resemblance to a prison cell. With its large white brick walls and lonely single bed it’s not the homeliest of spaces.


If you do live in the courts which have en-suite, they are more like tiny wet rooms where the water doesn’t drain very easily, spilling out onto your lovely cheap blue carpet. Yet to be honest, shower water is probably not the worst puddle that’s going to end up on your carpet throughout first year.

A Prisoners review of their stay

A Prisoners review of their stay

Pavilions (AKA Pavs)

It’s known as the party halls, with so many people living in Pavs you are almost never alone, great for meeting new people and making new friends. Not so great if you’re looking to get to sleep and the allusive ‘DJ Pavs’ decides to start playing, admittedly some banging, tunes loud enough for everyone to hear.

It’s further away from lectures but still close enough that you can hit the snooze button a few times. You’ll definitely be wanting to in the cosy three quarter bed (basically double) provided.


Hayes warf

Basically Pavs but with less people and a pretty view of the Brayford.

They get a cool balcony which may or may not be for actual use considering you have to climb out the window to get onto it. Either way its extremely handy for smokers at pre drinks and when its good weather for cracking open a few ciders in the sun.

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Built only recently for students this year its probably one of the fanciest halls about, conveniently placed right next to maccies to all its residents delight. It’s not on campus yet as everything’s only a few minutes away in Lincoln its still not too much of a trek for lectures.

Swanky or what

Swanky or what

The Junxion

Right next to the university’s main entrance and the library for those late night study sessions. Also a quick and easy walk to and from engine shed where as a first year you’ll be every Wednesday and Saturday night for quack and propaganda. A popular choice meaning you’ll never be short of people to hang with.


Aqua House

Despite its reputation as the most basic of halls it’s the cheapest of the accommodations offering actual double beds and pretty decent sized bedrooms. The only downside being you have to share a bathroom, but as you’ll most likely be doing this second year you’d have to get used to it eventually.

Looks so homely doesn't it?

Looks so homely doesn’t it?

Brayford Quay

As the name suggests it’s right by the picturesque Brayford, perfect for a few drinks at spoons on your way home and placed right next to loads of places to eat, but being the lad that uni has turned you into, you’ll just end up at Nandos. What more could you need?