Has your ‘new year, new me’ failed yet?

It probably has

New year, new me, new goals you set for yourself as a new year’s resolution but 80% of us have already sacked them in.

The saying “new year, new me” is thrown around Facebook statuses like it’s going out of fashion these days, convincing nobody apart from themselves that when the clock turns midnight on January 1st, they’re going to miraculously make a change to all of the things that people hate about themselves.

I, admittedly did the same, fooling myself that my mission of “I’m going to join a gym when I go back to uni for the second semester”.

Funnily enough that didn’t happen, two spins of Charlotte Crosby’s workout DVD and I was red-faced, flat on my back and burnt out. It’s probably not going to happen again.

Thanks Charlotte for assisting me once… never again.

But really the whole concept is rather stupid, what makes you think that you’re going to do something on the 1st January if you weren’t inspired to for the 365 days that came before it?

We seem to be under the illusion that the chimes of a new year call for a total personality makeover… either that or you all post it on your Facebook for a few self-important encouraging likes.

It’s a well known fact that gyms are filled to the brim with hopeful newbie’s every single January, all with the same aim: ‘new year, new me’. By March, they’ve retired back to their sofas with a packet of crisps and a Twix.

These probably won’t get used either…

Obviously I speak for myself, and maybe it’s unfair to judge everyone by my own low standards.

Journalism student Hollie Avent set out to maintain a dry January and somehow, despite living the university life, she achieved it.

Hollie says: “It was pretty easy actually, I still went out with my mates and they’d drink around me which was sort of tempting but I don’t need alcohol to have a good time if I’m around the right people.”

Dry January? Let’s make up for it in Feburary.

For most of us though, let’s be realistic.

If you’re wanting to crack down on nights out, the calls of Lovedough will probably have you whipping out the vodka within about 2 weeks.

If you’re aiming to ‘eat healthier’, the temptation of a “oh okay, just this once” McDonalds will be too much to resist after a boozy night on the town.

Well done if you’ve managed to stick to your resolution.

I didn’t. I’m a failure and most of you probably are too.