Please can everyone stop saying ‘bae’

You’re not cool

| UPDATED national noad

A new word has seeped into our consciousness, a word so sneaky we don’t even notice ourselves adopting it into our daily lives, a word so annoying it’s shaking the fabric of our very civilisation.

This word is “bae”.

It’s taken over other annoying tryhard terms of affection like “bbz” and “qt” and “gurl” and “boo”, and it’s worse than all of those combined.

There’s several theories regarding the usage of this chavvy argot.

According to Urban Dictionary, the word is used to address people’s significant other because they have found themselves too lazy to pronounce the entire word “babe.”

BAE Systems plc

Other suggestions are that it is simply “the most fucking annoying way to say girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, or any other SORT of significant other”, claiming the people choosing to use it are “annoying fucktards.”

The most generic concept is that Bae is an abbrievation for “Before anyone else.” If that’s the case, why do girls on my Facebook page have about ten different baes?

Is your boyfriend your bae? Is it your best mate? Is it the person who brings you McDonalds when you’re hungover?

‘Meeting bae’

Make up your mind. It’s a poor word to begin with and now you’re cheapening it even more. Stop it.

Bae has replaced other also toe-curling words of affection such as “baby” and “sweetie” across the internet for all to see.

The funniest thing about it all is these cringey idiots don’t realise they are are calling themselves poop. Seriously. ‘Bae’ translate to poop in Dutch.

So next time you are thinking of writing a tragic tweet or posting a pouting pic of you and your “bae” on Instagram, stop yourself. Everyone’s going to think you’re a bag of shit.

And let’s face it they’d be right.