Is this Lincoln’s biggest ever house party?

‘I don’t think the neighbours understood the scale of the party…’


Lincoln’s biggest and most hyped Mansion party struck again over the weekend.

Mansion party, which happens annually, is the biggest and most secretive event of the Lincoln party calendar.

South Park Mansion, which has hosted several big parties in recent years, upped its game over the weekend, opening up a second floor for the first time ever.

The student house even had its very own closed-off smoking areas, which were a welcome escape for the sweating, heaving masses of students shaking to the outstanding music systems.

The strictly guest list only party opened its doors at 22:00 welcoming into its mighty abode the hordes of Lincoln students who had managed to get hold of the most coveted golden ticket in the city.

The overblown house party allows in a maximum of 500 people for the night of the year Not on the guest list? Not coming in.

Adele Speed, who lives at the notorious mansion said: “The party is more of a tradition – people who have lived in the house previously have thrown the legendary South Park mansion parties but ours was definitely the biggest and best”.


Why is it so popular? Chris Mitchell, another resident of the wild student residence says: “It’s a mansion which appeals to anyone and provides us with the space to have two floors covering house, dubstep, drum n bass, garage & more.”


The Mansion party provided two floors of music, the Green Room resonating to the sound of House, and the basement which jumped to a variety of music.

Local DJ’s were brought in on incredible sound systems complete with smoke machines and light shows which most night clubs would have been envious of.

Must have been a tough night for the neighbours who didn’t manage to bag a ticket.

Third year Media student Chris explained: “We did warn the neighbours beforehand and they also took our phone number to contact us if there were any issues or disturbances.

“I don’t think they understood the scale of the party though.”

People began filtering out about 4am, ears ringing as they staggered home on exhausted, but still dancing feet.

But what’s the clean-up operation like for such a wild night?

Adele told us that: “There’s been the typical damage you would expect to the house, shampoo bottles emptied, beer on the floor, but nothing outstanding.”

The notorious event, which has attracted police to its gates before, again was visited by police at around 4am, when they cleared out the last of the revellers without incident.

Chris says: “The police have come before due to sound complaints but were very reasonable and insisted on waiting until the end of the party to make sure people leave safely.”

However that’s not to say the whole party went off without a hitch.

Reveller Luke Johnstone, since been dubbed ‘Sir  Collapsealot’,  managed to pass out, thankfully he managed to break his fall with his face.

The final year Audio Production student told us: “I had a really good time apart from having to pick mud out of my face and spending the next few days looking like I’d been beaten up.”