SU council debate notorious ‘Dick of the Year’ award

The award, which has been accused of encouraging harassment and bullying, was debated by representatives on Monday – yet 54% of Tab readers are in favour of keeping it

Two weeks ago, the Tab reported on the controversy over Lincoln SU’s ‘Dick of the Year’ award, which could encourage bullying, it was argued. Last Monday was the most immediate SU council where the issue could be discussed – and so it was.

The council seemed to agree with Ben Higgott, whose opposition to the award became a major point of contention on campus. He explained to council why the anonymous nomination process allowed anyone to target and insult other students without fear of repercussions or being named.

The council of Lincoln SU, enjoying pizza before beginning proceedings

“We ought not, as a union, be facilitating awards that allow people to feel isolated within our community,” commented Linford Butler, representative for the College of Arts.

“The whole point of a union is for us to express our views, but apparently we can’t,” added Charlotte Greenley, College of Social Sciences representative. ”

Reps have been contacted, saying, ‘can you do anything about this?'” The council had a short debate about whether the issue was the award itself, the use of the word “dick” rather than a less offensive, more light-hearted term, or the nomination process that does not inform students of their nomination before publishing their name online.

Yet Tab readers were less unanimous on the issue – our poll showed that you were split 54% in favour of keeping the award to 40% against it:

The latest stats from our Tab poll on the issue

40 students, 5% of the vote, said that they had not been convinced either way.

No official action on the award was taken by the council, as it was believed to be better to let the SU executive team make the decision in their own internal review of the awards.

Joe Burt, VP Activities for the University of Lincoln Students’ Union, apologised to Ben for any offence caused, and promised that the anonymous nominations process will be “looked at”.

You can still tell us your views by voting in the poll: