George Smith

University to take over retail units below The Junxion

Lecture rooms, seminar rooms, and learning lounges will be created, but the owners of the Junxion “are unable to comment” on any potential disruption

TV Licensing offer up refunds for Lincoln students

Are you beginning to move out of your student accommodation? You might be able to pad out your wallet a little

SU council debate notorious ‘Dick of the Year’ award

The award, which has been accused of encouraging harassment and bullying, was debated by representatives on Monday – yet 54% of Tab readers are in favour of keeping it

SU cock-up over “Dick of the Year” award

Students’ Union “Dick of the Year” award could lead to harassment, claims one student, who was nominated for the award this year

In with the old: students inherit their favourite furniture in Shed giveaway

Students snap up around 100 pieces of furniture as The Shed clears out for an Easter refurbishment

Tab tries: online pound shops

Students are always on the hunt for bargains – are these new pound sites good places to get them?

Prince Edward opens university library

Lincoln’s Great Central Warehouse Library was honoured by a royal visit this Tuesday

When student bureaucracy goes wrong – men banned from the women’s committee

“Working together resolves problems, not segregation”: the controversy of a female-only women’s committee

Shedding old skin? The farce of the Shed name change

Forget the SU elections, this is what the big discussion on campus is

Are these election videos funnier than the last ones?

VIDEO: When will the campaigning end? After you’ve watched the next few minutes of video footage, hopefully

Computers, committees, and choice: the #LincSUCouncil report

Everything you want to know – and more – from February’s SU council meeting

Lincoln SU elections warning: dire campaign videos ahead

VIDEO: Before they show you what they can do, some campaigners seem intent on showing you what they shouldn’t ever do

Six things to do while your tutors are striking

A guide to no-lecture boredom