We went to LUU’s new club night Shuffle, and here’s what we thought

Shuffle? It did just that.

Shuffle is LUU’s newest club night. The official launch party took place on September 18th between 11pm and 4am, and The Leeds Tab were there to see it in action!

After being at Fruity the night before, we were apprehensive. Would it be better? Would it be worse?

Shuffle was held in main room (Stylus), of the union, compared to Fruity which is held in all three (Stylus, Function and Pyramid).

However, this was not a bad thing as the music was varied, catering for everyone’s tastes.

The premise of Shuffle was to play viral mashups, from Pop and RnB to Disco and Indie, with something for everyone.

And it certainly did that.

Like Fruity, but the music was more varied

The crowd was buzzing, with everyone loving the variety of music

Whilst Fruity is great in that three rooms are open, Shuffle covers all the bases in one. Mixes of Abba, Post Malone, Niko B and Stormzy as well as Club Classics were all heard at Shuffle.

Before you were bored of one song, it had already been shuffled into another!

Drinks were cheap

VKs were £2.75, Smirnoff and a draught mixer was £2.50. What’s not to love? Jägerbomb for £2.50? I’ll take 4.

The crowd was buzzing

Two Shuffle fans loving the music

Not too crowded that you couldn’t breathe and your drinks got spilt all over you, but just good enough that there’s a buzz in the air and everyone’s as excited to be there as you are.

Maybe as time goes on, Shuffle will sell out faster each time?

Shuffle…it did just that

We were a bit apprehensive at first, would it just be TikTok music? Would we get bored? The answer was no.

The music was the selling point of the night, with no time we were stood around waiting for the current song to be over. The DJs were on it.

And yes…Shuffle did that. It was exactly like someone creating an epic Spotify playlist and putting it on Shuffle.

A spokesperson for LUU told The Leeds Tab: “We decided we had to bring this trend to a dancefloor in Leeds in time for Freshers’.”

And what a treat it was.

With tickets for £5, it gets five stars from The Tab

Shuffle was an incredible night, and we will definitely be there for the next event! Will you?

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