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We went to LUU’s new club night Shuffle, and here’s what we thought

Shuffle? It did just that.

Welcome to Leeds! Here’s a list of our top tips for First Year

Congratulations! We can’t wait to see you on campus

A huge new nightclub in Leeds has its opening delayed

Cargo hopes to open this Friday instead

A comprehensive guide to Leeds Freshers’ Week events 2021

Whether you’re studying at LBU or Uni of – we’ve got you covered!

A first timer’s guide to Leeds Festival

Whatever you do, don’t bring an expensive chair

University of Leeds is offering students £10k and free halls to defer a year

Students in the Law and Business School are being offered the financial incentives

Clearing unavailable at University of Leeds this year

Leeds has no vacancies for clearing or adjustment

You can now go swimming at Leeds Dock

Tickets cost £5 per person and can be purchased through Eventbrite

42 per cent of Leeds students say they have had Covid since September 2020

20 per cent of students chose not to follow self-isolation guidelines

A Leeds Uni Student is walking 50 miles round Woodhouse Moor tomorrow

Theo Beckett will be walking 50 laps of the park tomorrow, to raise money for the Stroke Association

Warning issued to residents on Headingley Avenue after house party

Hundreds of students emerged onto a back street after a house party was shut down around 4AM on Sunday Morning

Leeds is OFFICIALLY the most fun city to be a student in

Let’s ignore the fact York made it to number 5

Leeds Uni student starts petition demanding in-person learning next academic year

“your 9k a year is not enough money for them to heat up the lecture rooms clearly”

The A to Z of all thoughts Leeds Uni students have had this year

Can you guess what the K stands for?

Two Leeds Uni libraries to open 24 hours a day during exam season

Watching the sunrise from Level 11 of Eddy B hits different

Leeds Uni extends rent rebate until May 16th

The rebate will conclude on May 16th, providing up to 125 days of rent money back

These students dressed as iconic Leeds landmarks to raise money for charity

The house of girls have currently raised over £2,500 for Student Minds

New Leeds Uni library booking system goes live: Here’s how it works

The new system promises to be ‘fair’ and ‘flexible’

Leeds Uni extends halls rent rebate for the third time

The third rent rebate will apply from March 8th – March 26th

Leeds residents angry after Woodhouse Moor attracted mass gatherings at the weekend

One local called the sunny park “Coronafest ’21”

Leeds Uni announce rent rebate extension for halls

The extension applies between February 19th and 8th March

ANNOUNCING: The Best Pet in Leeds

The votes have been counted and verified

66 students are currently withholding over 100k in rent from Leeds Uni

The figures keep going up and up

VOTE for the best pet in Leeds: The Final

Our finalists are all extremely cute

Leeds Uni offers students living in halls refund for the start of Semester 2

It applies to those in university owned accommodation who have not returned to campus

Uni of Leeds Freshers: ‘We want to know where our money is going’

We’re fed up of paying so much for a service we’re not getting

VOTE for the best pet in Leeds: Heat 3

It’s the final heat

Petition calling for 30 per cent rent reduction at Leeds Uni gains over 4,000 signatures

This follows rent strikes and campaigns at other unis

VOTE for the best pet in Leeds: Heat 2

Ding ding! Round Two!

VOTE for the best pet in Leeds: Heat 1

Get your cuppa ready cos it’s show time baby

There have been 4,622 violence and sexual offences in Leeds student areas since October 2019

17 of them took place in the Headingley Stadium alleyway

Leeds is heading into Tier 3 on Monday, and here’s what it will look like for students

Sick of this shit, just wanna go to Fruity

LUU are giving out free houseplants, and here’s how you can get one

Will you actually manage to keep this one alive, or will it die like the 34 others you’ve bought?

A sticky situation: All the best sticky notes on Leeds uni halls windows right now

Unsurprisingly, f*ck COVID is a common theme