Leeds student drops earth-shattering DJ set to Economics seminar over Zoom

Gun fingers for John Maynard Keynes

While Toby Oldham may be an Economics student by day, he moonlights as a Drum and Bass DJ. Or so we thought…

In a wild turn of events the Leeds Uni student decided to fuse both aspects of his life, performing an exclusive, earth-shattering DnB set to his Economics seminar via Zoom.

While his camera was off and his microphone was muted, a glimpse of the set in question made its way to Tik Tok, where it found an audience of over 53,000 people.

@toby_oldhamShellin down in Microsoft teams #lol #skank #dnb #leedsuni #uni #Economicsandbass #fyp♬ original sound – Toby Oldham

Toby told The Leeds Tab that he decided to mix in online seminars because they are “dry as hell” and needed livening up.

He added: “If people are lucky, maybe they’ll catch a live-streamed set next Thursday, who knows.”

Toby isn’t 100 per cent sure how his module leader would react to such a set, saying he’s “not sure whether he looks like a drum and bass kinda guy but idk he could surprise me.”

Toby loves DnB but also dabbles in techno and tech house.

When asked to describe his sound in a sentence, he told The Leeds Tab: “Dark Hyde park basement with graffiti on the walls.”

But how has he reacted to his newfound fame?

Toby said: “I’m trying to stay grounded and not let it go to my head.

“I’ve got mixed feelings. Not sure how I feel about the most exposure I’ve ever got being from a clapped TikTok.”

Will he ever go off mute in a seminar and give the people what they want?

Toby told The Leeds Tab: “Tbf, now I’ve had a taste of the fame, I might have to start chasing it.”

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