Ex-Leeds student Keir Starmer reveals his uni anthem

Keir would defo go to Indie Thursdays

Labour party leader Keir Starmer appeared on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs on Friday where he spoke about his driven work ethic, his love of indie music and his time at The University of Leeds.

When asked about what his hopes for life were, Keir told Radio 4 how his political drive was swerved at 18 when his parents told him to study law instead. Starmer said: “Well, I wanted to go to university and do politics until my parents said no, you want to do law and I said, okay I want to do law.”

Ah, that familiar trope for many of us who were less than encouraged by parents to step outside of hard academia. Keir even says he had never met a lawyer before arriving in Leeds to pursue his parents’ career encouragements.

A reminder of these fond years at Leeds apparently comes from the song “Falling and Laughing” by Orange Juice, a boppy indie tune released in 1982, Keir’s first year at university. He says the song, “captures early years at university and beyond”.

As his interview continued, he was asked if he was driven as a Leeds student, he gave the unsurprising answer that he was extremely motivated.

“I’ve always been pretty driven and hardworking.” Keir told Desert Island Discs.

Ah, alas, if any of us were hoping to bag a chance at leading the Labour party, we might need to pull our socks up. Keir even says there was “no hiding” his hardy work ethic.

Keir describes his time at Leeds as an “incredible journey”, with the city still “close to his heart”. This relationship seems clear, the university describing the ties which have “remained strong” with Keir even opening the swanky new law building on campus in 2011.

He also sits on the advisory board for the Law School with high profile status and holds place as the Director of Public Prosecutions. After winning leadership of the Labour party in April, uni released an article congratulating their Leeds alumnus, describing his career and imminent success after graduating from Leeds with a first in 1985.

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