These Leeds grads ordered 33 Bakery164 sandwiches to London

That poor delivery driver

Some London based University of Leeds grads have done what any of us would do after two years of no Bakery164 sandwiches – ordered 33 bundles of doughy goodness to their door in London.

The 16 friends responsible for the order messaged Bakery164 on Instagram to organise the deal, as Bakery164 isn’t doing delivery right now. The sandwiches arrived the next day, after a 200 mile trek down the A1.

The Tab Leeds spoke to Caitlin Marsh, one of the recipients of the sandwiches, to find out the details: “Most of us graduated in 2018 so haven’t had a bakery in over two years and were craving it so our mate Sam DM’d them on Insta to organise it!

“We ordered 33 in total between 16 of us. Some of us got four each so are gonna freeze them to eat on another day. With delivery, it worked out at £5.54 per sandwich and we just picked a day we wanted to get it delivered. The courier picked it up yesterday evening and it was delivered by 9am this morning!”

VERY fit indeed

Sadly, the sandwiches did not come warm or toasted but at least that saved them the extra pennies for Bakery164’s toasting service. Caitlin assured The Tab Leeds they have their own toasters, so we should not panic.

She also told us they got an array of sandwich fillings, and her mate Sam toasted them for her: “We got loads of flavours between us but most popular was the chicken sweet potato one followed by the bacon brie one. When we went to pick them up from Sam’s house he toasted them and handed them to us through the window – can confirm they still taste just as amazing when couriered down, even better in fact!”

Bakery164 isn’t doing delivery at the moment, but if you’re in Leeds you can pop into their Woodhouse Lane shop and new Headingley store to grab yourself a lovely sandwich to take away.

Featured image via @ella_35mm Instagram.