Turns out Crispy’s only has a one star food hygiene rating

Not that this will stop us going there


The only takeaway place that's probably just as good as the club itself, has received a one star rating from the Food Standards Agency.

The most recent report, published mid-February, judged our fave takeaway on food handling, cleanliness, and management of food safety.

It turns out, although the handling of our chips and gravy is "generally satisfactory," they could do with improving the cleanliness of the place, the report states.

The worst part of all this, the Food Standards Agency said that the management of food safety needs "major improvement" rating it only one out of 5.

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Not that she cares about Food Standards

Although it's not great knowing that our cheesy chips weren't made in the cleanest place in the world, nothing will ever stop us ending a night out at Crispy's- the only place where you can relive a primary school disco as you wait for your burger.

And let's be honest, if you've licked vodka off the kitchen floor during pres you're probably not that bothered about where your nuggets came from anyway.

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Never change please, Crispy's

Crispy's have been approached for comment.

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