Leeds is one of the most active unis on Bumble, so you have no excuse not to find a date this V Day

Goodbye Tinder, you won’t be missed

Maybe it’s due to procrastination in Eddy B or boredom in your 10 am in Roger Stevens, but Leeds University has been revealed to be the fifth active university. Bristol came in first with Exeter in second. UCL and Nottingham came third and fourth respectively, but it’s widely recognised that northern people are far more attractive than southerners.

Pulling at Fruity and Sticky Feet is just too predictable when you can scroll through Bumble at your own leisure. Whether for a one night stand or so your bae can bring you a red stripe, it makes sense for Leeds to be one of the top contenders.


After Leeds came Birmingham, then Oxford and King’s College London – the latter two probably just need some more coffee to keep them awake at 2 am in the library. University of Cambridge came in ninth and Oxford Brookes University tenth.

Photos by: Mischief pics from the Mischief Facebook page