Stephanie Bennett
Leeds News Editor at The Tab

Second year Leeds student confirmed dead after being hit by a taxi in Hyde Park

She was studying theatre and performance

Canal Mills might be turned into houses, so I guess we have to find a new edgy Leeds hangout now

Canal Kills am I right

There’s going to be a ‘Valentine’s puppy room’ at Beckett next week

13/10 the perfect date

Leeds is the second most try-hard uni in the country

Only second?

A prosecco and gin festival tour is coming to Leeds and I am so ready for it

Where do I sign up?

Everybody stay calm, there’s going to be a puppy petting day in Leeds next week

My time has come

The union held a vote to allow snacks in the library but nobody even bothered to vote

No one enjoys crumbs to be fair

Exact plans for four weeks of staff strikes at Leeds Uni released

Why am I paying £9000 for this again?

Don’t panic, but Uber are increasing their prices in Leeds

I’m already too poor for this tbh

Leeds is one of the most active unis on Bumble, so you have no excuse not to find a date this V Day

Goodbye Tinder, you won’t be missed

Edgy Leeds has been voted the second most hipster university in the UK

It’s because of all of your wavy garms

Uni of Leeds has been named the second hardest partying university in the UK, which should surprise literally no one

The only surprise is why aren’t we first?

Channel 4 are looking for applicants from Leeds to be on Come Dine With Me

My time has come

Don’t panic, but there’s going to be doggos at uni next week

Finally, the only good part about exams

A doggy cafe is coming to Leeds this weekend and I am so here for it

It’s a Christmas miracle

Nobody panic, but there’s going to be an ice rink in the SU next week

A true Christmas miracle

Everything happening in Leeds this week to build up your end of term excitement

Two weeks until the temporary freedom of Christmas

21-year-old found dead inside Liberty Park Halls

The death is not being treated as suspicious

There’s going to be a swimming gala at the Roger Stevens pond

I’d rather not swim in that pond, thanks

Everything happening in Leeds this week

Your week is sorted