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Second year Leeds student confirmed dead after being hit by a taxi in Hyde Park

She was studying theatre and performance

Canal Mills might be turned into houses, so I guess we have to find a new edgy Leeds hangout now

Canal Kills am I right

There’s going to be a ‘Valentine’s puppy room’ at Beckett next week

13/10 the perfect date

Leeds is the second most try-hard uni in the country

Only second?

A prosecco and gin festival tour is coming to Leeds and I am so ready for it

Where do I sign up?

Everybody stay calm, there’s going to be a puppy petting day in Leeds next week

My time has come

The union held a vote to allow snacks in the library but nobody even bothered to vote

No one enjoys crumbs to be fair

Exact plans for four weeks of staff strikes at Leeds Uni released

Why am I paying £9000 for this again?

Don’t panic, but Uber are increasing their prices in Leeds

I’m already too poor for this tbh

Leeds is one of the most active unis on Bumble, so you have no excuse not to find a date this V Day

Goodbye Tinder, you won’t be missed

Edgy Leeds has been voted the second most hipster university in the UK

It’s because of all of your wavy garms

Uni of Leeds has been named the second hardest partying university in the UK, which should surprise literally no one

The only surprise is why aren’t we first?

Stormzy was in Leeds for a Vogue photoshoot, because 2018 is already the gift that keeps on giving

RIP if you missed him

Channel 4 are looking for applicants from Leeds to be on Come Dine With Me

My time has come

Don’t panic, but there’s going to be doggos at uni next week

Finally, the only good part about exams

A doggy cafe is coming to Leeds this weekend and I am so here for it

It’s a Christmas miracle

Nobody panic, but there’s going to be an ice rink in the SU next week

A true Christmas miracle

Everything happening in Leeds this week to build up your end of term excitement

Two weeks until the temporary freedom of Christmas

21-year-old found dead inside Liberty Park Halls

The death is not being treated as suspicious

There’s going to be a swimming gala at the Roger Stevens pond

I’d rather not swim in that pond, thanks

Everything happening in Leeds this week

Your week is sorted

Leeds Beckett has been named one of the top 10 ugliest universities in the UK

Shocking, right?

A 26ft Christmas tree made of BUTTER is coming to Leeds

No, really

There’s a ‘no to anti-abortion protesters in Leeds’ event happening TODAY

They’re meeting outside Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds University has been crowned the second best uni for night life in the UK

This is not a surprise to anyone

Everything happening in Leeds this week to cope with deadlines

The stress nearly killed me off

Over 100 dogs are going on a Christmas walk wearing Christmas jumpers at Roundhay Park

Truly a Christmas miracle

One of Ian Brady’s victim’s remains were kept at Leeds University by Manchester Police

The family was unaware

An attempted murder investigation has been launched after a man was stabbed in the city centre

It happened near the Corn Exchange this morning

Over 100 people sang ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth on the Parkinson steps today

What are you doing in ma swamp?

Don’t panic but an alcohol delivery service is coming to Leeds

Never fear, your alcohol is here

Dynamo was in Leeds today

I didn’t know he was still a thing

A body has been found in Leeds canal near Globe Road

Emergency services are currently at the scene

Varsity Fruity was evacuated last night because of a fire alarm

We couldn’t even drink away the disappointment of losing

Everything happening in Leeds this week to help you beat the Freshers’ Week blues

The best guide in Leeds is back

Leeds is the top university in the north, according to the Good University Guide 2018

Sheffield who?

Student jailed for falsely accusing a taxi driver of sexual assault

She was sentenced to 16 months in prison

A dead body has been found near Brudenell Avenue in Hyde Park

It was found at 9:17 this morning

Drop everything, there’s going to be pet therapy in the Union during Freshers’ Week

Forget the club nights, this is where you want to be

Leeds Trinity Centre has been evacuated due to a suspected fire

More information to follow

Leeds is the second hardest partying uni in the UK, in case your mad Friday nights at Fruity didn’t tell you that already

Like we needed a study to tell us this

There’s gonna be a prosecco on tap and bouncy ball event in Leeds next year and I am so here for it

Dreams really do come true

Disneyland is holding character auditions in Leeds this weekend, so I guess my time at uni has officially come to an end

You don’t even need an A* in French

Your guide to absolutely everything happening in Leeds this Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ is sorted

Cancel everything, because Love Island’s Marcel is going to be in Leeds TOMORROW

Join his Blazin’ Squad

Leeds College of Art has just become a university

Because apparently Leeds doesn’t have enough unis

Stop everything, Revs in Leeds are selling an alcoholic unicorn frappe RIGHT NOW

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for

Leeds students spend more money on nights out than almost any other uni

Can you really blame us?

Leeds set to be digital hotspot of the future

That IT degree may finally come in handy

Vigil to be held in Leeds to support victims of Charlottesville violence

It will take place at 5pm tomorrow

Pineapples are banned from Leeds Festival

No, seriously

Leeds University ranked only 21st in latest league table

That’s behind Leeds Trinity

Leeds singletons wanted for new series of Take Me Out

For when your library bae doesn’t deliver

TV legend Phillip Schofield was spotted at the Alchemist in Leeds last night

He was here for his daughter’s graduation

A man has been stabbed outside of The Alchemist bar on Greek Street

His injuries are not thought to be critical

Beckett is ranked third in the UK for the number of new Sugar Babies

You’re not a hoe if you need the dough

Cancel everything, the Love Island final is being shown at the Everyman

Get your popcorn at the ready

Leeds has been ranked the 10th ‘cheapest university town’ in the UK

We also have the cheapest kebab

A student from Leeds Beckett has won a top design award at a national show


Leeds Fest has been ranked one of the worst festivals for value for money

I thought the North was supposed to be cheap

Leeds student accommodation has failed fire safety checks following the Grenfell Tower tragedy

They’re made of the same cladding as Grenfell Tower

A festival dedicated entirely to rum is coming to Leeds later this year

Just in time for the start of term

Leeds is the 18th hardest uni to get into in the UK

18th out of 56 isn’t bad

Don’t panic, but Chris from Love Island is going to host Quid’s In at Pryzm

All of your prayers have been answered

Don’t panic, but Marcel from Love Island is going to host Quid’s In at Pryzm

It’s all you’ve ever wished for

Dinner Date is looking for single people in Leeds, so you can actually put Tinder down for once

For all of you true romantics out there

A man was found dead in Hyde Park on Monday night

Thoughts go out to his friends and family

This is the age you’re apparently ‘too old’ to go clubbing

That explains the hangover

Leeds is in the top 40 of best LGBT cities around the world

Leeds Leeds Leeds

Get ready because McDonald’s can finally be delivered to your door in Leeds

Hangovers will never be the same again

Major roads in Headingley have closed after reports of a hand grenade at a police station

There are delays of up to an hour

Don’t Tell the Bride is looking for couples in Leeds, so it might be time to take that Tinder hookup to the next level

For all of the lovebirds out there

A man has been arrested after telling police he was ‘planning a massacre’ at Leeds railway station

He possessed an 8 inch knife when police arrested him

Thousands of Leeds students have been caught cheating on exams and coursework

It’s been a difficult term

‘Extreme Ninja Warrior’ is coming to Leeds, so you’d better get ready to hit the gym

Embrace your inner Naruto

Famous celebrity restaurant The Ivy is coming to Leeds

And we all thought Leeds couldn’t get any cooler

Try not to panic, but Prince Harry is coming to Leeds next week

Mark your calendars for July 6th

Nobody panic, but First Dates is looking for singles in Leeds next weekend

Looking for love?

Leeds is the third most banterous city in the country, according to a new study

How did we not win?

Leeds is the man bun capital of the UK

An absolutely shocking turn of events

University of Leeds staff have gone on strike over new sacking rules

67% of UCU members voted to strike

University of Leeds has been awarded gold from the Teaching Excellence Framework

Is anyone really surprised?

Queen of the jungle Scarlett Moffatt was filming in Leeds today

Gutted if you missed her

Good Life is now so popular it’s heading to London for a boat party

No surprises there

A group of music students at Leeds have made it to the final of BBC’s ‘Pitch Battle’

Congrats to them

Leeds might be getting a ‘Game of Thrones’ style mini golf and bar spot

Mini golf is coming

A lecturer at Leeds uni has been arrested for possessing severe child pornography

His academic profile at the University of Leeds is currently ‘unavailable’

You can now order cocktails to your house in Leeds

Why go to a bar when you can be classy watching Netflix?

Leeds mental asylum escape game receives backlash over mental health stigma

The game has been said to ‘demonise’ mental health

Leeds apparently has the most unreliable landlords in the UK, according to a new study that will shock absolutely no one

Like we didn’t already know

Leeds uni narrowly misses out on top 100 for QS 2018 world rankings


Leeds is getting a horror escape game based on a creepy mental asylum

Go at your own risk

Another day, another article romanticising anxiety that we really don’t need

Mental health isn’t romantic, it sucks

Is this the worst student house in Leeds?

You thought yours was bad

Russell Crowe is playing a gig in Leeds

A man of many talents

We asked students what they regret most from their first year at uni

A lot of alchohol leads to bad decisions

Third year business exam cancelled because the university forgot to print the case study

The exam had to be rearranged until this afternoon

We asked Leeds students what they think about Corbyn’s pledge to scrap tuition fees

It was a mixed bag to be honest

Kit Harington was out in Leeds on Monday night

Has he tried Fruity though?

Beckett Law grad who claimed he ‘attended’ Yale on CV fined £2,000

He also implied he had a degree from the University of Leeds