Which classic Christmas film is your Uni of Leeds hall of residence?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Is it even Christmas if we don't give you a run down of what classic Christmas film is your halls? Nope, didn't think so.

You're welcome, by the way.

Central Village – 'A Christmas Carol'

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Such a classic, but kinda really boring. Just like the poor anti social sods that end up in Central Village. But it’s okay, did you guys know there was a Tesco on site? And it’s only a 5 minute walk to uni. Mad.

Lupton – 'Elf'

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It’s a bit shit, but you can’t deny everyone at Lupton seems to have the best time and the best parties. Just like Buddy, they see the fun in almost anything and they probably put syrup on their spaghetti too. How else are they so okay with living in such a dump?

Concept Place – 'Home Alone'

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Overrated and just a bit shit. But they have some parties that even Kevin McCallister would proud of, so fair play.

Liberty Dock – 'Home Alone 2'

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Like Concept Place but somehow even worse – maybe it’s the 30 minute plus walk into uni that does it. The only halls that might even be bad enough for Donald Trump, and that’s saying something.

Charles Morris – 'The Holiday'

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Sure, Kate Winslet might act like she’s some poor spinster hopelessly in love with her co-worker, with no taste of luxury in any part of her life, but she’s kidding herself. Her “tiny little cottage” is in Surrey, of all places. And I’m pretty sure she owns it – she’s not renting. Which is not gonna be cheap. Just like the people in Charles Morris, she likes to act all hard done by, but we all know her food shop’s being bought for by Daddy. Sorry Kate, you’re not fooling anyone.

Devonshire – 'Love Actually'

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Just like Charles Morris, you’re all posh twats here who would easily be best mates with Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister – you’re probably even doing Politics cos you wanna be him so bad. Unlike Charles Morris though, you do occasionally let in the riff raff, the Colin’s and the Natalie’s of the world, even if you do constantly joke that they’ll be working for you one day.

Henry Price – 'Nightmare Before Christmas'

Everyone forgets that this is even a Christmas film, just like everyone forgets about Henry Price altogether. There’s also a graveyard right outside which could easily have been taken straight from Halloween Town.

James Baillie – 'Die Hard'

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The self-proclaimed “edgy” halls (is it really edgy if you call yourself edgy?), they deserve nothing less than the only christmas film that isn’t actually a Christmas film. Seriously, who are you people still trying to force this into the mix? Just cos it’s set during Christmas doesn’t make it a christmas film, saying it’s your favourite Christmas doesn’t make you “edgy”, just like living in James Baillie doesn’t make you edgy.

Leodis – 'Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas'

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Just like the Grinch, Leodis seems like more of a myth than anything. Does anyone even know anybody that lives there? Genuinely asking guys, because I’m starting to think it’s made up.

Oxley – The Muppet Christmas Carol

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The shittest christmas film for the shittest halls.