Alcoholic jelly causes havoc at Concept Place

‘People started collapsing like Jenga blocks’

A party in Concept place has been given legendary status after alcoholic jelly turned caused hordes of guests to drop unconscious.

Paramedics were called after six party-goers dropped unconscious last Saturday night, as what was an ordinary pre-drinks turned into a casualty ward.

Guests were treated to jelly shots and an alcoholic jelly bowl during the freshers’ pre-Control antics.

The host of the party, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of persecution from Concept wardens, said: “It was absolutely wild.

“We had a Mexican guy peeing and about eight paramedics. I thought I was in Zante.

“I didn’t think it was going to do any harm until people started falling unconscious and collapsing like fucking Jenga blocks”.

Swiftly after their arrival party-goers were in for a shock. Armed with a spoon and a kilogram of vodka jelly, attendees report that they were force fed the wobbly stuff like their lives depended on it by an unknown assailant/fellow reveller.

Media fresher Leanne Hargreaves said: “A hand just kept on coming out of the dark and giving me jelly. I wasn’t complaining, but before I knew it my legs had also turned into jelly and a Mexican guy was peeing”

The Latino urinator declined to comment.

One anonymous onlooker remarked “this is the most mental I’ve ever seen Concept Place.”

Long been regarded for not being regarded, Jellygate may have put the halls on the map.

When contacted, a member of staff at Concept Place said: “I have no idea, I don’t work Saturdays.”