Thailand traveller Lucy Hill has received her blood transfusion

Donors queued outside the hospital this morning following an online appeal

Leeds Beckett graduate Lucy Hill has received a blood transfusion after an online plea.

She was knocked off a moped in the Chiang Mai region of Thailand and was rushed to hospital, where she is in a critical condition.

Friends and family of Lucy launched a social media campaign to appeal for backpackers and expats in Thailand to give blood, which was successful.


Lucy, left, is in a critical but stable condition

People were seen queueing outside the hospital up to two hours before it was due to open today to give blood and help support Lucy.

Lucy has an A Negative blood type, which is extremely rare in Thailand.

Close friend Lauren Hall said: “The support was phenomenal. We have been overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness.

“Luce is now stable but still in a critical condition.”