Leeds’ fittest freshers: The girls

Let’s hear it for the ladies

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You sent in your nominations and now it’s time for you to vote for Leeds’ most eligible fresher.

The boys came out in force – now it’s time for the fairer sex.

Who wins? you decide.

Josie Fraser, Devonshire, International Business

Becky Cooke, Central Village, History 

Livi Batchelor, James Baillie, History of Art

“Livi is Leeds’ most hottest fresher not just through her obvious external good looks, but her fun-loving, kind and hilarious personality. She approaches life in a chilled and lighthearted manner, with her infectious character and charm in everyone else around her mirroring her happy attitude.”

Marieke van de Braak, Devonshire, International Business

Gabby Presence, Central Village, Philosophy

Tilly Hulse, Central Village, International Relations

Milly Beck, Central Village, Psychology

Charlotte Taylor, Carnegie Village, Events Management

“Her nickname is Chartay Partay and went the whole 14 nights of freshers without a night off. She spends more time in Pryzm than her own flat. She just loves life really.”

Talia Allos, James Baillie, Maths and Management

“Talia is one of the most beautiful girls I have met with a banging personality to come with it. She’s feisty and real and everybody loves her.”

Lucy Summerton, James Baillie, Philosophy and Psychology

“Lucy is stunning. She is the loveliest girl and deserves to win!”

(Note: all entrants were either self-nominated or nominated by friends)