How stressed are you? Chill out, LUU is getting a puppy room


Rejoice! We’re finally getting a whole room dedicated to cute dogs.

Leeds University Union have teamed up with the Guide Dogs society as part of Mental Health Awareness Week to provide a ‘puppy room’ designed to cheer up stressed out students.


Like this guy, but lots of him

The “Go Stress Free” event  will be located on the grass lawn outside the union.

The use of dogs to keep up morale has already been trialled in other universities across the country and has been seen to significantly boost students well-being.


LUU Welfare Exec Freya Govus said: “It’s great to see innovative student-led events that contribute to the overall wellbeing of everyone on campus.”

The news of puppies arriving on campus has been met with near hysterical excitement.

Stressed finalist David Cowlishaw said: “As someone in the middle of a full-blown exam panic, I welcome the introduction of these dogs. Their glossy coats and confused faces will assure me that everything is going to be fine on Friday.”

For 15 minutes fun time with the puppies Guide Dogs UK ask for a £2 donation to aid those who are blind and partially sighted.