Goodnight sweet prince: Eddy B to close until 2017

Blood Boyle-ing after everyone’s favourite library checks out

The Edward Boyle is set to close for 18 months for refurbishment.

The beloved library will shut on the 5th June, and will be finished being fully spruced up in early 2017.

The uni say this will make it “a truly comfortable and inspiring space in which to study”, but the long-term closure has caused inconsolable despair across campus.
It's enough to make your blood Boyle

It’s enough to make your blood Boyle

Second-year Historian Elle Canham was devastated at the loss of our beloved Eddy B: saying: “I am extremely concerned over the relocation of level flirteen and to be honest I feel like the continuation of EddyBHotShots is on thin ice”

For those actually concerned with their degree, core texts will be moved to the new Laidlaw Library, where they will remain even after the refurbished library reopens.

Eddy B will partially re-open in autumn 2015, with 1,000 study spaces available, and full access to science and engineering texts.However, the famous level 13 will continue to be closed.

eddie b

The more popular brother to The Brotherton, E-Bizzle has witnessed studying, shagging and sizzling temperatures.

An announcement on the University website said: “The refurbishment is an opportunity to overhaul not just the look and feel of the building, which will be greatly enhanced, but also the infrastructure.

“This means that the building will be lighter and airier all year round – a truly comfortable and inspiring space in which to study.”


This has done little to ease the pain of students, who will have to go on without their favourite library.

Third-year David Cowlishaw said: “It’s enough to make you think the Uni actually wants to break our spirits.

“When the new library opens, it may look aesthetically more beautiful, but it will have an ugly soul.”They may as well knock the whole thing completely flat and start again. I’m going to cry.”

Second-year Art Sejdiu, studying Politics, was less concerned about the developments.

He said: “Everyone cares about Eddy B? Honestly though. Get over yourselves.”

We thought you were pretty just the way you were, Eddy B.