Has your mum texted you recently?

Not everyone found it funny

Thousands of students received a promotional text for a Union event claiming to be sent from “mum” yesterday.

The text commended the receivers recent hard work, and requested that they take the evening off to visit ONE, a new event run by Rough Hill, at the union.

But some slightly serious souls criticised the union  for using students mobile numbers, and a fraudulent identity, to promote their events.


Elle Canham, a second year history student who received the text yesterday, said: “my housemate and I got the same text through within a matter of seconds and both think it’s really bad.

“I knew it wasn’t my mum because my parents are in Hawaii”.

She branded the stunt “manipulative”, adding: “The union shouldn’t be using our personal numbers to target us with advertising anyway.


The text Elle received from Rough Hill pretending to be her mum


The exact origin of the text is unknown, but  Rough Hill Leeds tweeted hours after the message was sent, implying some involvement in the incident.

Third year biology student Will Nolan also commented on the incident, saying that it was was “thoughtless, fraudulent marketing” and “insensitive due to certain family situations”.

Leeds University Union have yet to comment on the matter.