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Editor, The Tab Leeds

Kiran Morjaria
Leeds University


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London-style darts night comes to Leeds

There’s also going to be a varsity darts match

Petition started to save Old Bar from renovations

It’s going to become another Terrace

The best day trips around Leeds

You’re going to need a car and some friends

Third year organises wavey garms, food and arts festival at Canal Mills

This is so Leeds it hurts

My dissertation tutor took a YEAR to reply to me

I’d already graduated by the time he agreed to a meeting

Mass evacuation after gas leak near the Union

Over 100 people had to leave their rooms at night

Two arrested after murder on Hyde Park Terrace

‘It makes Leeds feel very unsafe’

Hyde Park Terrace has been cordoned off by police

A policeman on the scene called it a ‘critical incident’

It’s snowing in Leeds

Do you want to build a snowman?

Leeds club promoter hilariously trolled by fake DJ

He wasn’t keen on the Bowie medley

Flute sensation Azeem Ward has covered Stormzy’s Shut Up

He said he wants to do a ‘cheeky collab’ with the grime MC

Two fourth years have created an app to find you a seat in the library

Bet you still won’t get one in the Laidlaw

Leeds is the Jedi capital of the UK

The force is strong in Yorkshire

Woodhouse thief impaled on broken window trying to burgle students

Residents left him there as they waited for police to arrive

I tried to sneak a coffee into all the uni libraries

I’ve never been turned away so many times in my life

Why you should write for The Tab Leeds next term

Join the student journalism revolution

Leeds Uni WiFi is down after cyber attack

Don’t they know it’s deadline week?

The Terrace smoking area is the best night out in Leeds

Don’t bother getting a Fruity ticket

Fourth year Medic is a Bollywood dancer in his spare time

He’s cleverer than you and better at dancing

Union snubs application to create Beer Pong Society

Don’t down it, fresher

Junior doctors organise protest in Leeds over new contract

‘This is an assault on the future of the NHS’

Azeem makes surprise appearance at Wire

He also played his flute at a house party of eight

Internet sensation Azeem Ward is coming to Leeds

‘Leeds is the best because it has the cheekiest Nandos’

Good Life gave us an exclusive look at their Fools Paradise festival

They’ve just announced Hot Chip as a headliner

Leeds is apparently more expensive than London for students

You can’t put a price on edginess

Best Otley Run costume 2015: Your glorious winners

There’s not a lot to their costume to be honest

We spoke to Azeem, the man behind the most popular flute recital of all time

He’s rumoured to be playing Glastonbury

I spent the weekend living in the Eddy B

I didn’t even have to pay any rent

Police stage reconstruction in hunt for Leeds rapist

The victim is still too terrified to sleep

How famous will your uni make you?

Gutted for Leicester

What’s your Whatsapp group name?

Some of these are really weird

Headingley in the top urban places to live in the UK

Hyde Park didn’t quite make the cut

Lib Dem society resurrected

They’ve obviously had a surge in popularity

Is this Taylor Swift election video a modern masterpiece?

He wants you to Jake It Off

Why is Hidden Café not hidden?

It really isn’t hard to find

Why is the Terrace ‘burger’ not a burger?

It’s a wrap, in case you’re wondering

The best places in Leeds for a date on Valentines

Brace yourselves, Valentines Day is coming

We went to Get Baked’s launch of The Joint and asked everyone what they thought

One of the meals is called ‘The Full Girlfriend Experience’

Union provide free breakfast for stressed students

It’s excellent value for money

Meet the third year blogger and entrepreneur who’s more successful than you

She’s interviewed George Clooney, have you even met him?

SHOCKING: Survey reveals Leeds students occasionally take drugs

Life expected to continue as normal

Teenager breaks into over 100 student houses

Leeds youth jailed for stealing over £190,000 of your stuff

Farewell Basement 35

‘Someone from the council asked, ‘Do you think this is acceptable?’ We said ‘no”

Has your mum texted you recently?

Not everyone found it funny