10 Signs You’re in Third Year

From becoming over-friendly with your dissertation supervisor to Fresher envy, here are 10 signs you’re in your 3rd year at Leeds

1. You spend more time in the library than in your own home. And not just during exam week or deadline week – all the time!

Your new home

Your new home

2. You actually feel guilty for watching TV instead of working- not like in 1st and 2nd year, when you could watch TV all day with no regrets.

3. You see your dissertation supervisor more than you see your best friend.

4. You’ve only just come to terms with applying for part time jobs, now suddenly you have to learn how to apply for “grown up” graduate jobs.

5. A cosy night in suddenly seems so much more appealing than a wild night out.

Crazy night

6. Hangovers are so much more severe than they used to be.

7. You actually feel bad if you miss a lecture.

8. You’ve spent the last two years trying to cut down your essays so you’re not over the word limit. Now you’re wondering how your dissertation will ever be long enough.

9. Instead of spending your money on a night out, you treat yourself by going out for dinner.

10. Part of you is jealous of the freshers, but you’re secretly glad to be older and wiser.