Kerry Williams

Kerry Williams
Leeds University


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Whether you can’t wait to graduate or are filled with dread at the thought of not being a student anymore, here are eight signs that graduation is approaching.

Put some clothes on, it’s not summer yet!

Leeds students have been digging out their summer dresses and shorts during the last couple of days of sunshine, yet it’s still far too cold for this says KERRY WILLIAMS

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Valentine’s Day is here whether we like it or not. To make sure you have the best day possible, check out our guide on what NOT to do.

8 types of people you’ll find at Fruity

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You’ll never forget your first year. Here’s 9 signs you lived in the popular Headingley halls.

10 Signs It’s Nearly The Christmas Holidays

Woolly hats are on the rise but campus is dead. Here’s 10 signs it’s nearly the Christmas holidays in Leeds.

10 Signs You’re in Third Year

From becoming over-friendly with your dissertation supervisor to Fresher envy, here are 10 signs you’re in your 3rd year at Leeds

10 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’re a Leeds Psychology Student

Apart from the difference between Freud’s and Piaget’s theories…

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Check out The Tab’s guide to being an awful landlord in 10 easy steps

Leeds Uni vs. Leeds Met

We judged the two universities on some highly irrelevant criteria. Here is what we found.

Dine in for under 50p

Student loan running out? Eat without breaking bank using our dining in guide

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Leeds Cocktail Recipes

KERRY WILLIAMS presents the cocktails for a truly Leeds inspired pre-drinks

Why Tequila doesn’t deserve to be shut down

Tequila’s latest video has caused an uproar, with many calling for the club night to be scrapped. KERRY WILLIAMS argues why Tequila should not be closed down