BNOC Of The Year: The Winner

The votes have been counted and we can now reveal who is 100%, indisputably and categorically, the biggest name on campus

After 6,000 votes, five weeks of campaigning and a plentiful amount of character assassination, Leeds has its first BNOC Of The Year in Jack Bell

He took the crown with an impressive 47% of the vote in our grand final, with Alice Keane and Amos Schonfield on 22% and 19% respectively.

Jack was crowned and presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers at the only place fitting for such a ceremony – Tequila.

The girl was not part of the prize

When asked about his feelings on winning the award, an emotional Jack,whose manner is often the very definition of calm and collected, was lost for words.

After composing himself he said he felt “Very humbled”.

Later on – presumably when it had all sank in – he added:

“I honestly thought Munro would win it, considering the female fanbase he has at uni.

“There was strong competition in the final and I’m honoured to win such a prestigious award.”

Jack’s hoping that this success can be  Leeds’s second most important election, telling The Tab: “Hopefully everyone who voted will vote in this week’s election too.”

So remember that whenever people tell you that your vote won’t make a difference, tell them about this election.

Tell them about Jack Bell: BNOC Of The Year 2013