Lancaster BNOC 2022: Heat three

Here are your third lot of BNOC contenders

We had so many nominations for Lancs BNOC this year, but there can only be one winner who takes the crown. This is the third of four heats full of contenders for you to choose from so get voting in the form at the end of the article – voting closes on Friday 10th June. It’s time for the third heat of this years BNOC competition.

Here are your third lot of BNOCS:

Zimran Malik, first year, Lonsdale, Economics

Known for wearing the best outfits around campus and being late to lectures, Zimran is very well known around campus. He always gets stopped in Sugar because people always recognise him after walking late into his lectures.

He told us that he’d like to thank everyone who comes up to him to say hello, he loves all of you. He also said “it’s not easy always being late to lectures so I’m glad it’s not gone unnoticed”.

Does Zimran get your vote?

Liliana Capewell, first year, Fylde, Medicine

Liliana is known for being a party girl on campus, with her drunk night out stories always ending with “don’t remember getting home but somehow woke up in my own bed”. She would come to her nominee’s window every Thursday and Saturday morning to update them on her antics from the night before.

She said she was shocked to be nominated and wouldn’t say she’s a BNOC to many, but said if you’re someone who spends a lot of time in Fylde Bar or Sugar then you’ll have definitely seen her drunk one too many times. She also won biggest drama queen for LUDans this year and everyone knows she lives up to that. She loves a good party and never remembers much the day after.

Does Liliana live up to the expectations of a BNOC?

Jason Anthick, second year, Grizedale, Business Management

Simply put, Jason is known for talking to everyone on campus. When asked if he thinks he is a BNOC, he just said that he’s happy to be involved but doesn’t think he is, he just enjoys talking to people for the culture.

Does Jason get your vote? Let us know below!

Will Owens, third year, Theatre

In his nomination, it said “it is not even funny anymore, he is such a BNOC and he knows it even if he denies”.

Will himself said he isn’t a BNOC but that the whole thing is funny so people should vote for him as he’s actually going to try to win this one.

If you think Will is a BNOC, vote for him below!

Chloe Henderson, third year, Lonsdale, Biological Sciences

Chloe is captain of Women’s Football and very well known around campus. According to her nomination, they believe she’s a “little bit scary”. Everyone seems to know her and being football Captain is pretty impressive.

When asked about her nomination, Chloe said that “All I know is I’m definitely not scary!”.

Does Chloe get your BNOC vote?

Harvey Matkin, first year, County, Accounting and Finance

Harvey is known by his nickname “Big Harv” and is a Sugar legend. Everyone on a Wednesday night knows him because he’s such a regular and has made a name for himself there.

He said to us “I may not be the biggest name on campus but I’m definitely the biggest guy on campus!”. Seems that he has a pretty good sense of humour.

Tell us if you think Harvey is your BNOC!

George Nagle, Lonsdale, Business Management

George’s BNOC story starts in first year where he thought he was a massive BNOC and then essentially manifested it over the next two years of uni. He won Wannabe BNOC at Lonsdale Winter Ball and he is also well known for being a former member of Lonsdale JCR and an active member of bar sports.

He told us he didn’t really have anything to say regarding his nomination, maybe he’s so shook that it’s actually happened after three years.

If you think George is your BNOC, vote below for him.

Dragos Culica, fourth year, Pendle, Mechanical Engineering

Dragos knows everyone on campus and if there is a pres or after in town, he will always be there. He is normally DJing and he’s in with all of the international students. Known for being in Fylde Bar a lot, we are told that you’ll know him if you see him.

When asked about his nomination, he told us that he didn’t have anything to say and he was just going to see how it plays out.

Vote below if you think Dragos is your Lancs BNOC!

Callum Sedeman, first year, County, Architecture

Callum is known for a lot around campus, but most notedly, he is known for walking into the architecture studio at 10:15am wearing his white but stained suit from the night before at County Ball.

He was very stunned to get his nomination and he was flattered. He told us he’s always running into people in Sugar because he’s met so many people on drunken nights out. “It could have been any of them that nominated me (I will find them and murder them)” is my personal favourite quote.

If you think Callum is Lancs BNOC, vote below!