‘Likeminded people just having a good time’: An interview with Lancs Charli XCX Society

‘Let’s ride’

Inspired by other societies at the uni, such as the Women in Music Society and SwiftSoc, a new society is blowing up on Instagram and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out.

The Lancs Uni XCX Society, who created their Instagram on the 6th of May 2022, has already accumulated over 200 followers and is taking over our feeds (I’m certainly not complaining). They are the first Charli XCX society at a university in the UK and I’m surprised that there aren’t more, to be honest.

We spoke to the founders of the society, first year students Sadie and Myuh, who study English Language & Creative Writing and Media & Cultural Studies respectively, to learn more about how this society began and how students can get involved.

‘Our motivation is our genuine love for Charli’

When we asked the founders what made them start the group, they admitted that they had spoken about it for a while “as a joke and a hypothetical” but were sat in Costa one day and decided to start up the Instagram page.

“Our motivation for starting this society is mainly our genuine love for Charli, her music and the people who tend to gravitate towards her”. They said: ” We’re excited to meet likeminded people and create a space for her fans and anyone else who may be interested in her music” which I personally would find very hard to refuse.

‘We are just here for a good time’

Naturally, we had to ask about socials in mind for the future and they describe themselves as a society who don’t plan on taking themselves “too seriously”. Listening parties, bar crawls, club takeover events and chill evening socials are just some of the potential things to look forward to.

Their message to the students of Lancaster is to “just come along, have a few drinks, listen to some music, and have a good time with people who want to do the same”. Nothing official is planned because they are such a new society, but the future certainly looks exciting.

‘We’ve had nothing but positive feedback and interest’

Just taking a glance at their Instagram, it is undeniable that the response has been massive since they started. By incorporating their humour (and the humour of their followers), they have been able to engage hundreds of students already.

They said: “It has been nice to make our silly posters and posts which are not only fun to make but also are fun for other people to interact with.”

Instagram: @lancsxcxsoc

How I’m Feeling Now and Pop 2

It was impossible to interview the society and not ask them what their favourite album(s) are of Charli’s. They described her discography as “flawless” and told us they don’t have a least favourite album.

Their favourites are  how i’m feeling now and Pop 2. These albums include some of her best hits including party 4 u, claws, Unlock it (Lock it) and Out of My Head.

‘The society is open to everyone’

Readers interested in joining this society will be happy to know that anyone is welcome to join. They plan on holding regular events soon and everybody interested can check out their Instagram to find out what’s happening. They’re open to ideas for future socials and ask their followers regularly what they’d like to see from the society.

Anyone looking to get in touch with the XCX Society can reach them via their Instagram and their official Spotify.

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