Lancaster University announces exams to take place online unless stated otherwise

‘The University has agreed that in-person exams will only take place where a Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body (PSRB) has advised that in person exams should take place’

The university has just announced that, unless specified otherwise, summer exams will be taking place online.

Professor Jane Taylor, the university’s Dean for Academic Quality, released an update stating that in person exams will only take place if it has been advised that they should be.

This announcement follows an update released in November, informing that all departments would inform students of their plans in January.

The recent update also explained that students can expect to receive “the earliest and latest possible dates for your first-sit exams in 2022” by “the end of January”, and that the university “are on track to publish your full personal exam timetable by no later than the end of February”.

All students will also be advised whether they can “expect to sit any in-person exams, or if all of your exams will be completed online”.

Furthermore, the dates for the period during which students can resit exams will be confirmed before Easter.

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