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Student’s Union LGBTQ+ Officer resigns

‘Having to resign due to personal issues was an incredibly difficult call to make’

LUSU LGBTQ+ officer Jesse Phillips has today announced their resignation from the union.

Earlier this morning, a post released by Lancaster Students’ Union revealed that Jesse would be stepping down due to “personal reasons”. The resignation will come into effect this Friday, May 14th.

A quote from Jesse Phillips to the Students’ Union reads: “This year has been a tough one for us all, and I’m eternally thankful to everyone who elected me to represent and work alongside them throughout it.  As a student body, we’ve seen an unprecedented year and come together as a community in ways I never could’ve dreamed of.”

“Having to resign due to personal reasons was an incredibly difficult call to make, and I’ll forever be proud of the work we’ve done as a community this year to further the liberation of LGBTQ+ students in Lancaster.”

LUSU President Oliver Robinson also released a statement: “Jesse has been a committed activist and engaged member of the Executive Committee, going out of their way to ensure that due consideration is given to matters beyond their portfolio, as well as being a diligent advocate for the LGBT+ Community. They will be very missed, and we thank them for holding on as long as they did.”

Taking Jesse’s place will be Sophie Schultz, who will begin their role on July 1st when the new officers come into action.

LUSU finished their announcement saying: “The students’ union would like to thank Jesse for their contribution and wish them the very best for the future.”

Featured image credit: Lancaster University Students’ Union

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