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‘No student will be left behind’: VP Education launches ‘Covid protection’ policies

The university is taking steps to ensure students are not disadvantaged

Lancaster University Students’ Union’s VP Education, Bee Morgan, has today launched a policy to “ensure no student’s education is harmed by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

This follows calls from students for the university to implement a “safety net” policy in order to ensure that students are not disadvantaged by the adverse effects that the pandemic has had on students’ well-being. A petition was launched on the SU website calling for the “safety net” policy, and it was signed by over 1,000 students – making it one of the most successful Lancaster University student petitions.

The “Covid protection” policies include measures that allow first years who may have had to resit in the past will move straight onto Part II of their studies; there will be more chances to discount low marks where students have clearly underperformed; the university will be allowing free resits for any student who needs them (saving some students £100 or more if you are to sit exams abroad).

Students on the boundary between grade classifications will be given more ways to achieve the higher classification of degree

This policy also means that exam boards will share information on what they consider during the marking process – including average module marks, and other considerations. Students will also be able to self-certify struggles with mental health difficulties due to the pandemic, which means they will not be required to produce a doctor’s note.

Speaking to The Tab Lancaster, Bee Morgan said: “With Friday my final day with Lancaster SU, I couldn’t be prouder to have got this over the line. This will impact so many students and it was amazing to see just how open the University was to negotiation.

“While this year a safety net isn’t able to be in place at Lancaster or across the sector (some students haven’t got enough credits to count towards their degree and the regulator the Office for Students is worried about grade inflation) I’m so pleased we’ve been able to get so much to protect students in place.

“Getting free resits was particularly great for me as I know how much students can end up paying for these, which is particularly difficult in the current circumstances. I’m happy to say no student will be left behind.”

More information on this policy can be found on the Students’ Union’s website.

Featured image credit: LUSU Full-Time Officers’ Facebook.