Which iconic TikTok sound are you based on your college?

We promise we don’t spend hours of our day scrolling on TikTok instead of doing our group presentations…

We’d be lying if we tried to pretend that TikTok hasn’t taken over everyone’s lives. From learning the newest dances (does anyone remember the dance to “Let’s Do It Again”?) to having a cheeky stalk of that cute TikTok boy’s Insta, we hate to admit it we all have a new favourite app.

Saying to yourself “I’ll just go on TikTok before I go to sleep” results in you scrolling for what feels like five mins but actually turns out to be three hours. What’s worse, you’re forced to try and hold in your laughter to avoid waking up your flatmates. We’ve all been there.

Grizedale – “Driver’s License”

Olivia Rodrigo had us all crying along to this song (cheers for that Liv). It is guaranteed that at least three vids on your for you page involve this song in one way or another. Driver’s License and Grizedale are both popular; there’s no denying that. Other colleges are jealous of this party college, and they are convinced they were everyone’s first choice when applying.

Grizedale is definitely the college that everyone wants to be in. Everyone seems to be listening to this song on repeat, belting out the lyrics that you know off by heart, what with being the top song on everyone’s Spotify playlist right now. We bet that “all of your friends are tired of hearing how much” you love this song and how much you want to be part of the Grizedale fam.

Fylde – “How Bizarre”

This audio is a bit dated but still iconic. This is a snippet from a song released in the ’90s (the ’90s are back in fashion now, right?) yet has re-gained popularity through TikTok virality. This meme trend with this sound is used to indicate that they know more than they’re letting on, by saying “how bizarre” very sarcastically to something that is deemed to be a “coincidence.”

Fylde bar is always the one you visit to watch the football, only to discover that all the seats are taken. When you point this out to your friend, they reply with “how bizarre.” Not only is Fylde renowned for its sporty vibe, and amazing food, it also wins most sports competitions and events. Their secret? We don’t know either, it’s rather bizarre how most people in Fylde end up being super athletic, and no one really knows why.

Furness – “She’s Really Good”

Damn right. We didn’t realise that this sound was from Camp Rock until we binge-watched it 12 years later and now we’re obsessed. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? We’re just as surprised as you are. TikTok fanatics use this sound by showing off how they’ve impressed others (such as waking up AND actually going to a nine am, can’t relate).

Being a member of the Furness gang is a good thing to show off about. Although it is a fairly quiet college, when someone mentions they’re from Furness, we are secretly jealous, but we hate to admit it. We know that some Lancs students actually forget Furness exists until someone reminds them (much like us when we forgot where this sound came from). We like to think of Furness as a dark horse; although easily forgettable, it is actually a “really good” college.

Lonsdale and Cartmel – “She Don’t See Us?”

All of the uni work and our ever-increasing to-do list screams “she don’t see us?” when we’ve spent the last couple of hours drunk zoom calling our mates from home and taken several naps.

Lonsdale and Cartmel are the same colleges in our eyes, hence why they have the same TikTok sound. To answer your question, no hun, no one sees you. Cartmel and Lonsdale are close to each other (physically) but are a fat trek away from the centre of campus. Who could be bothered? Those who walk back to their flat from the underpass after a night in Sugar involuntarily sober up because of the long journey. These two colleges see each other but are forgotten by of the others on campus.

Pendle – ‘Good Evening, is this available?’

This sound is popular on Tiktok as many people use it to describe when their ex messages them out of the blue, hold a conversation and then say they’re no longer interested (we’ve all been there).

We’re not saying that Pendle is like that annoying ex who won’t leave you alone, but the only reason Pendle can say “no more contacting please” (or “no longer interested” to non-Tiktok users) because they want to shout from the rooftops that James May is their alumnus. That’s the only thing going for them, to be honest. Although this sound is mainly used in videos expressing boy problems (in the wise words of Lizzo “that’s the human in me”), it is safe to say that Pendle will pull out the “James May” card when threatened by other colleges.

County – “Oh No, Oh No”

This sound is used when you can tell something bad will happen, and realisation kicks in.

The realisation does kick in when you realise that you have a deep love for County, despite telling yourself that you won’t catch feelings again. County is the biggest college on campus and holds the perfect place for watching fireworks from the square near the Roundhouse, for having a decent bar (the same can’t be said for other colleges) and for being home to all-round sound people.

Bowland “Oh No, I Hope I Don’t Fall”

Here is another TikTok sound expressing boy problems. This audio is used in videos where people say they “won’t fall” and then show a list of nice things boys have said to them, such as “hi.” We’re all boy deprived right now, so even the slightest bit of male attention gets our hopes up.

People often hold negative pre-conceptions about Bowland. They “hope they don’t fall” in love with the college that’s home to the ugliest building on campus. Bowland, sweetie, you do fall, down the college ranks. Despite being in the centre of campus and having quick access to the most important things (Greggs and Sultans), we don’t want people from Bowland to be infecting everyone else (take that as you wish).

So there you have it—all eight undergrad colleges as TikTok audios; each with their own specific reasoning. As TikTok continues to rise, we are sure that even more audios will gain popularity and who knows, there may be one more suitable to your college.

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