Your LUSU FTO candidates 2020: In their own words

Are they up to the job? You decide

Campaigning for Full-Time Officer positions in LUSU is well underway, as we’re all aware. The posters are literally all over campus. But for many of us these are just names, who actually ARE the candidates? Don’t worry, The Tab Lancaster is here to help.

Bee Morgan – VP Education

“I’m Bee your current VP Education running for reelection. I’m running because it’s about time the University stopped benefiting from all officer progress annually going back to zero, and actually started listening to its students. I’m running on consistency, clarity and communication, with my top priority being continuing to tackle unsustainable student number growth (see my top 10 demands campaign). Building on my experience and connections this year, I believe I can achieve lecture recording and full online submission within a year. I’m also bringing new policies like equality for integrated Masters students and automatic deadline extensions to help with mental well-being.”

Nathan Lingham – VP Sports

“My main ambitions – far greater support for athletes whose mental health is affected by sport, either through participation or injury. Creating clearer channels of communications surrounding funding and its allocation between the University, the SU and club execs. Levelling up the funding for college sports and widening the participation. Finally, increase support for our athletes at York Roses. My understanding of how sport can have such a positive impact on University life makes me great for the role, I am an enthusiastic and committed athlete and look forward to leading our University through our sporting achievements next year.”

Dominic Casoria – VP Societies and Media

“I’m Dom and I’m running for VP Societies and Media. I’m running because societies are such an important part of students’ lives here  and currently societies are being failed. Equally, I have seen student media threatened and it has to be stopped. Things have to change. If elected, I plan on creating an accreditation scheme which will mean exec members can log what they have done with the SU and request it for their CVs and portfolios. I will be pushing for a media representative on the SU executive and getting student media work to go towards their Lancaster award.”

Elaine Lewis – VP Societies and Media

“My name is Elaine, and I am running for VP Societies and Media. I have comprehensive knowledge of how societies work as I work for the societies team on campus. Being involved in student activities has made me aware of student issues and inspired me to create change. If elected, I plan to increase the visibility of societies on campus, include comprehensive training for societies and media exec, find spaces in town for student activity, develop links with transport agencies to allow societies to do more activities outside of university etc. To read my manifesto visit my Facebook page: #electelaine.”

Carl Smith – VP Sports

“Why I’m running: I’ve been involved in sport for all of my university life and I’ve been able to see what we do well in sport and what needs to change. My plans: improving welfare in sport through the introduction of welfare training for sports clubs’ execs. Increasing participation in sport through the continuation of the All In project. Improving college sports through affiliation with the university, improving college leagues and the protection of college sport facilities. Increasing funding for sport. Improving communication between sports clubs and the Students’ Union celebrating the sporting success and talent we have here.”

Emily Stannard – VP Societies and Media

“Hey, Emily here! Third year history, County, she/her. I’ve had 5 different exec roles and founded a society. These are my policies below:

Personal relationship and welfare: open door policy, wellness events and talks, absence protocols for the heads of LU Media.

Increase support: reassess funding, more information during affiliation and re-affiliation, SU and Society collabs.

Media: give something for each university event covered, quality training, continuity provided by a more permanent non-FTO role, journalistic honesty.

I’m really passionate about this role and improving the student community. 100 words isn’t much so please check out my social media and manifesto!”

Alexandra Blagu – VP Welfare

“Hi guys! My name is Alexandra and I’m running for VP Welfare for LUSU, for 2020/2021. As I’m a realistic person, I know the year goes by quite fast. However, I’ll do my best to ensure that uni will be a more enjoyable experience for all students. I want to make sure that campaigns run smoothly on campus and more people get involved. These campaigns will be focused on mental health awareness and services, academic hardships, social exclusion, racism and sexism, domestic and sexual aggression, and housing problems. My aim is to defend everyone’s interests as best as possible!”

Atree Ghosh – VP Union Development

“Hi, I’m Atree and I’m running for VP Union Development. I’ve had extensive experience with our JCRs, governance structures, and defending and improving what our commercial services. If elected, I intend on improving what our commercial services offer to students, fight for greater worker’s rights for our Sugarhouse employees, develop a college-focused strategy for our Students’ Union, start a university wide focus group to improve student feedback, evaluate the possible use of the union’s growing reserves into investing in our clubs and societies, and finally take a firm stance in defending the collegiate experience and spaces in Lancaster.”

Tanglewest Douglas – VP Education

“I am running on the principles that students should have access to the basic resources they need to thrive in their degrees at all times, that academic success and student welfare are fundamentally linked so communication between academic and welfare support services must increase especially for vulnerable students snd those from widening participation backgrounds, and that improving transparency and student participation in academic decision making will improve the education that Lancaster can offer. I will provide this by continuing to question university management prioritises every step of the way, always putting students first!”

Taylor Donoughue-Smith – VP Societies and Media

“I’m running for VP Societies and Media because I believe that both our 200+ societies and our student media can thrive the most when they are represented by someone who knows what it’s like to be involved in both. As the General Secretary of the Liberal Democrats on campus and the Music Editor of SCAN, I feel I have the right experience for the role. If elected, my main priorities will be further training for societies on platforms like Union Cloud, implementing unconscious bias training and greater editorial independence for student media to let them get on with the job.”

Amy Merchant – VP Welfare

“I’m Amy and I am running for VP Welfare because I want to push for positive change for students at Lancaster. This role needs someone like myself who has the passion and drive to tackle some of the biggest welfare issues on campus. My roles as County College President and LGBTQ+ Social Media Officer means that I have been immersed in the student community, and have gained a strong understanding of the issues that students here are currently facing. The three main areas of my manifesto are housing, wellbeing, and community liberation. Please check out my manifesto and vote Amy!”

Paul McCarthy – VP Sports

“Hi everyone I’m Paul,

And I’m running for VP,

Here’s a quick few points,

Over why to vote for me.

As the next VP Sports,

This would be my goal,

More participation,

Communication, and Mental

Health focus is my role.

Where I stand out,

Is my experience and knowledge,

As I’m part of Sports Execs,

For both Uni and for College.

Read my manifesto,

For more details of my plan,

If you want to improve LUSU,

Then McCarthy is your man.

My aims are straightforward,

My promises believable,

Elect me into office,

And you’ll discover it’s achievable.”

Statements were submitted via Instagram – full list of candidates’ information can be found here.