Which ‘The IT Crowd’ character you are, based on your college

‘You’re not going to Adam and Believe this’

It may seem unclear what relationship a story of a pair of IT support technicians and their ill-equipped, tech illiterate relationship manager has with the colleges at Lancaster University. But don’t worry, The Lancaster Tab is here to help spell it out.

Have you always wondered if you are geeky like Moss or gothic like Richmond? Well, worry no more. Here is a list of which “The IT Crowd” character you are based on your college.

Bowland – Jen Barber

Bowland claims to be in charge around here, but do they know what I.T. means? Bowland likes to assume the role of line manager, agony aunt, relationship coach and guru about life. But just like Jen, it’s not like life is going particularly well, it’s just better than Roy and Moss’s. As Jen says “I think I can live with it”.

County – Douglas Reynholm

There’s no better fit for County than the wild child of the group, womanising all over the world, wasting his father’s money fuelling his excessive need for copious amounts of sex. A lot of people in County might describe themselves this way without realising how this looks to everyone around them. People in County think they have the ability to charm everyone else but their potion contained approximately 100 percent Rohypnol.

Grizedale – Roy Trenneman

You think you’re cooler than everyone else, don’t lie to yourself. But in reality you’ve only got as much street cred as Moss. You are the smiling face of the college and are there to make it seem like everything is running smoothly. It may be the case that you are a little bit luckier with the ladies than Moss but don’t get too excited and assume that you wont ruin it by recreating her parents untimely death at “Sea Parks”.

Pendle – Maurice Moss

Pendle has always been the quietly endearing college: clever, reliable and can always be trusted to remember important phone numbers. However, your social skills are far less impressive. Much like Moss, much of Pendle’s social experience comes from his mum and Jen. Pendle is still very lovable, even if its just for its organisational skills, going as far as to “put the fire with the rest of the fire”.

Lonsdale – Richmond Avenal

Once the second in command, back in the day, now demoted to the IT department after becoming a goth. Lonsdale has been banished purely for the fact that it’s depressing exterior is “bringing everyone else down”. Lonsdale has now gotten so used to being isolated and alone that it wouldn’t know what to do if things ever went back to how they used to be. Those from Lonsdale are often found saying, “I’m not my usual cheery self at all!”

Fylde – Denholm Reynholm

Much like Denholm, those in Fylde openly boast about employing attractive people who do very little work and who engage in adulterous relationships. Judging by the way they act, it is unlikely if those in Fylde ever get any real work done at all. But this doesn’t last long as they are quite clearly beginning to crumble under the pressure. The main thing that Denholm and Fylde have in common is how self-obsessed they are, Denholm going as far as to hang a picture of himself on the wall of his office. “You probably think that’s a picture of my family. Uh-uh. It’s the A-team.”

Furness – April Shephard

People often jump to conclusions with Furness and assume that it isn’t going to work out, when really Furness has more in common with the other colleges than you might think. However, Furness is still very much a side character, April is only ever seen in one episode, and is yet to make a big impact on the other colleges.

Cartmel – Michael the Magician

You’re either going to have to learn some tricks or you’re going to get broken up with. Basically, you’re going to have to actually become a magician. Some are quick to defend you against claims other people make about you, but at the end of the day, once you’ve been lumped with a certain reputation it just sticks. People might actually like you if they got to know you. It’s a shame you just had to be so far away.

Graduate – IT Tech Support Guy

Everyone wants to like you and thinks they can learn a lot from your expertise, but there’s just one big issue… Nobody understands you. Maybe it’s everyone else’s fault though. If we actually took the time to get to know things from your perspective, we wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss you. Maybe just stop being such a know it all.

Which character did you get?

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